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All the 20545 items in the Healthy Skepticism Library are listed below in order of publication date with the most recent at the top. There are 100 items per page.

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O'Donoghue N
Pharmacies face advertising investigations
Pharmacy News 2011 Apr 19

Caruana CM
Future pharma: Pharma’s new high-tech toolkit 2011 Apr 19

Hendel J
Future pharma: What near field communication (NFC) means for pharma 2011 Apr 19

Tolve A
Future pharma: Making games work for pharma 2011 Apr 19

Kaplan RM, Babad YM
Balancing influence between actors in healthcare decision making
BMC Health Services Research 2011 04 19;11:(85):

Ricardo Cardoso P
MED & CINE - Dr. Paulo Ricardo Cardoso: Influência da Indústria Farmacêutica sobre os Médicos
Museu de História da Medicina 2011 Apr 180

Santana S, Lausen B, Bujnowska-Fedak M, Chronaki CE, Prokosch H-U, Wynn R
Informed citizen and empowered citizen in health: results from an European survey
BMC Family Practice 2011 Apr 16;12:(20):

Rola farmaceuty w marketingu
PolishPharma 2011 Apr 12,-a7,1

Boniello K
'Face'-off in Prozac ad lawsuit
New York Post 2011 Apr 10

Wright D
Highlights from SFE Europe 2011 2011 Apr 8

Sansom C
Personalized medicine: Lesson for Oncology 2011 Apr 8

Silverman E
Should Social Media Shackles Come Off Pharma?
Pharmalot 2011 Apr 7

Silverman E
Antidepressants, Breast Cancer & Industry Studies
Pharmalot 2011 Apr 7

Silverman E
Did Drugmakers Violate India’s Patent Laws?
Pharmalot 2011 Apr 7

Mukherjee R
Drug MNCs violating patent law?
The Times of India 2011 Apr 7

Silverman E
Whistleblower Lawsuits And Off-Label Marketing
Pharmalot 2011 Apr 6

Edwards J
Why Do Bloomberg and AP Want to Look at Your Medical Records?
BNet 2011 Apr 6

Thacker P
Ghostwriting controversy haunting the American Psychiatric Association
Project On Government Insight 2011 Apr 5

Thacker P
American Psychiatric Association Spooked about Ghostwriting
Project On Government Insight 2011 Apr 5

Carroll B
Who You Gonna Believe?
Health Care Renewal Blog 2011 Apr 5

Carlat D
Like a Bad Penny, the Nemeroff/Schatzberg 'Textbook' Problem Returns
The Carlat Psychaitry Blog 2011 Apr 5

Silverman E
American Psychiatric Association And Ghostwriting
Pharmalot 2011 Apr 5

Kesselheim AS, Mello MM, Studdert DM
Strategies and Practices in Off-Label Marketing of Pharmaceuticals: A Retrospective Analysis of Whistleblower Complaints
PLoS Med 2011 Apr 5; 2Fjournal.pmed.1000431

Mack J
Brits Beat FDA & PhRMA: Issue Social Media Guidance for Pharma. This BI Tweet May Not Pass Muster.
Pharma Marketing Blog 2011 Apr 5

Dyer C
New code requires doctors to disclose all links with drug industry
BMJ 2011 Apr 5;342:

Bass A
A tale of censorship and secrecy starring the American Psychiatric Association
Alison Bass 2011 Apr 4

Silverman E
Novartis, Gleevec And A Patent Dispute In India
Pharmalot 2011 Apr 4

Silverman E
University Researchers & The Spread Of Pain Meds
Pharmalot 2011 Apr 4

Zielinska E
Medical posters as art
The Scientist 2011 Apr 1

Patient Groups, Former HHS Secretaries, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and More Than 50 Key Healthcare Stakeholders and Researchers Urge Supreme Court to Reject Three State Laws Outlawing Commercial Use of Prescription Data
Pharma Live 2011 Apr 1

Shrank WH, Liberman JN, Fischer MA, Avorn J, Kilabuk E, Chang A, Kesselheim AS, Brennan TA, Choudhry NK
The consequences of requesting 'dispense as written'.
Am J Med 2011 Apr;124:(4):309-17

Stuckler D, Basu S, McKee M
Global Health Philanthropy and Institutional Relationships: How Should Conflicts of Interest Be Addressed?
PLoS Med 2011 Apr;8:(4):

The World Medicines Situation Report 2011
World Health Organisation 2011 Apr

The World Medicines Situation Report 2011
World Health Organisation 2011 Apr

Wells WA, Brooks A
Adoption of New Health Products in Low and Middle Income Settings: How Product Development Partnerships Can Support Country Decision Making
Health Research Policy and Systems 2011 Mar 31;9:(15):

New Research Shows MDs Prefer a Mix of Digital, Face-to-Face Marketing
Pharma Live 2011 Mar 31

Silverman E
What Doctors Do With Their Smartphones
Pharmalot 2011 Mar 31

Iskowitz M
GSK paid $57 mil. to doctors for speaking and advising in '10
Medical Marketing & Media 2011 Mar 31

Lai NM, Teng CL, Lee ML
Interpreting systematic reviews: are we ready to make our own conclusions?: A cross-sectional study
BMC Medicine 2011 Mar 30;9:(30):

Tricco AC, Straus SE, Moher D
How can we improve the interpretation of systematic reviews?
BMC Medicine 2011 Mar 30;9:(31):

Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly, Grünenthal and Napp named in advertisements for breaches of the UK ABPI Code of Practice
Pharma Gossip 2011 Mar 30

Loftus P
Merck Paid $20.4 Million in Speaking Fees to U.S. Doctors
Market Watch 2011 Mar 30

Taylor L
EU consults on drug pricing/reimbursement decisions
Pharma Times 2011 Mar 30

Schwartz M
FDA again delays promised social media guidance
Medical Marketing & Media 2011 Mar 30

Avorn J.
Teaching Clinicians about Drugs — 50 Years Later, Whose Job Is It?
NEJM 2011 Mar 30;

Pfizer Collaboration With Apple/FDA: A Strategic Shift to Scientific Content in Marketing
Seeking Alpha 2011 Mar 30

Silverman E
Novo Nordisk Reprimanded For Poor Management
Pharmalot 2011 Mar 30

Silverman E
Conflicts Of Interest & Treatment Guideline Panels
Pharmalot 2011 Mar 29

Wilson D
Study Finds Conflicts Among Panels’ Doctors
The New York Times 2011 Mar 29

Kirchgaessner S
Big Pharma faces challenge on drug prices
The Finanical Times 2011 Mar 29

Arnold M
Docs value details, says PhRMA survey
Medical Marketing & Media 2011 Mar 29

Silverman E
Drugmakers Cannot Be Sued For Overcharging
Pharmalot 2011 Mar 29

Nissen SE
Can We Trust Cardiovascular Practice Guidelines?
Arch Intern Med 2011 Mar 28;171:(6):584

Saunders C
More proof vitamin pills do little
MJA InSight 2011 Mar 28;

Mendelson TB, Meltzer M, Campbell EG, Caplan AL, Kirkpatrick JN
Conflicts of Interest in Cardiovascular Clinical Practice Guidelines
Arch Intern Med 2011 Mar 28;171:(6):577-584

Beasley D
Branded Drug Prices Soar as Generic Pressure Rises
Reuters 2011 Mar 28

Kang Lim B
China cuts maximum retail price of drugs to help tame inflation
Reuters 2011 Mar 28

Silverman E
The Supreme Court, Generic Labels & Preemption
Pharmalot 2011 Mar 28

Silverman E
Novartis, The iPad & 35,000 More Visits To Docs
Pharmalot 2011 Mar 28

Kumar S, Nash DB
Health Care Myth Busters: Is There a High Degree of Scientific Certainty in Modern Medicine?
Scientific American 2011 Mar 25

Edwards J
Internal J&J Emails Detail 'Ugly' Chapter in Mismarketing of Antipsychotics
BNet 2011 Mar 25

Arnold M
One fourth of family medicine residencies pharma free says survey
Medical Marketing & Media 2011 Mar 25

Lexchin J
Canada's Patented Medicine Notice of Compliance Regulations: Balancing the Scales or Tipping Them?
BMC Health Services Research 2011 2011 Mar 24;11:(64):

Silverman E
Hide Side Effect Reports And Investors Can Sue
Pharmalot 2011 Mar 23

IMS Health Launches Institute for Healthcare Informatics
IMS Health 2011 Mar 23

Fugh-Berman A, Brown SR, Trippett R, Bell AM, Clark P, Fleg A, Siwek J
Closing the Door on Pharma? A National Survey of Family Medicine Residencies Regarding Industry Interactions
Acad Med. 2011 Mar 23;

Benkimoun P
France proposes overhaul of drug regulatory system
MJA 2011 Mar 23;342:

Silverman E
J&J Faces $360M Penalty Over Risperdal Marketing
Pharmalot 2011 Mar 23

Garrison L
Is America prescribing too many drugs?
wptv 2011 Mar 22

Barnett J
How Quick Response codes can help pharma engage with patients 2011 Mar 22

Silverman E
Lilly Pulls Down Strattera Web Site In China
Pharmalot 2011 Mar 21

Jack A
Former pharma watchdog faces restrictions
The Finanical Times 2011 Mar 21

Edwards J
See No Evil: How Too-Detailed Expense Reports Allegedly Got an Amgen Sales Rep Fired
BNet 2011 Mar 21

Branded Pharmaceutical Websites Continue to Be Most Impactful in Driving Conversions Among Prospects and Patients
Pharma Live 2011 Mar 21

Jagosh J, Pluye P, Macaulay AC, Salsberg J, Henderson J, Sirett E, Bush PL, Seller R, Wong G, Greenhalgh T, Cargo M, Herbert CP, Seifer SD, Green LW
Assessing the outcomes of participatory research: protocol for identifying, selecting, appraising and synthesizing the literature for realist review
Implementation Science 2011 Mar 20;6:(1):24

Church S, Pettersson E
Bristol-Myers Bribed Doctors in Drug Scheme, California Commissioner Says
Bloomberg News 2011 Mar 19

Silverman E
California Joins Whistleblower Suit Against Bristol
Pharmalot 2011 Mar 18

Gaidos M
Hunting Ghosts
Science 2011 Mar 18

Silverman E
‘There Is A Louse In Your House… And Your Ad’
Pharmalot 2011 Mar 18

Silverman E
Senators Ask FTC To Probe KV For Price Gouging
Pharmalot 2011 Mar 18

Mashta O
Herbal medicines will need to be registered with drug regulator to be sold in UK
BMJ 2011 Mar 17;342:

Silverman E
OxyContin, Prescribing Habits & Pharma Influence
Pharmalot 2011 Mar 17

Edwards J
How Drug Companies Look at Your Private Medical Records Any Time They Want
BNet 2011 Mar 17

Spence D
We need a Sunshine Act in the UK
BMJ 2011 Mar 16;342:

Metherell M
Berocca invigorating advertising claim 'misleading'
The Sydney Morning Herald 2011 Mar 16

Julious SA, Pyke S, Hughes S,
Best practice for statisticians in industry sponsored trials
BMJ 2011 Mar 15;342:

Edwards J
10 Reasons Drug Prices Always Go Up — and What We Can Do About It
BNet 2011 Mar 15

McDonald AM, Treweek S, Shakur H, Free C, Knight R, Speed C, Campbell MK
Using a business model approach and marketing techniques for recruitment to clinical trials
Trials 2011 Mar 11;12:(1):74

Silverman E
Peter Rost Takes Another Whack At Pfizer
Pharmalot 2011 Mar 11

Cronin Fisk M, Feeley J
AstraZeneca to Pay $68.5 Million to U.S. States Over Seroquel Marketing
Bloomberg News 2011 Mar 11

Silverman E
PR Firms, Drugmakers & Medical Societies
Pharmalot 2011 Mar 11

Grogan K
AstraZeneca settles Seroquel multi-state marketing probe
Pharma Times 2011 Mar 11

Silverman E
Singing The Blues: A Merck LP & An Antidepressant
Pharmalot 2011 Mar 11

Ranjan Mishra A
Compulsory licensing norms soon 2011 Mar 10

Kassirer JP
Keeping big pharma in check?
BMJ 2011 Mar 10;342:

Galloway G
House approves generic-drug bill meant to help poor countries
The Globe and Mail 2011 Mar 10

Silverman E
WHO Pandemic Moves Not Swayed By Pharma
Pharmalot 2011 Mar 10

Kassirer JP
Keeping big pharma in check?
BMJ 2011 Mar 10;342:

Silverman E
Insider Trading, Drug Stocks & Loose-Lipped Docs
Pharmalot 2011 Mar 9

Chatterjee S
Is This the End of Big Pharma?
The Motley Fool 2011 Mar 9

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Far too large a section of the treatment of disease is to-day controlled by the big manufacturing pharmacists, who have enslaved us in a plausible pseudo-science...
The blind faith which some men have in medicines illustrates too often the greatest of all human capacities - the capacity for self deception...
Some one will say, Is this all your science has to tell us? Is this the outcome of decades of good clinical work, of patient study of the disease, of anxious trial in such good faith of so many drugs? Give us back the childlike trust of the fathers in antimony and in the lancet rather than this cold nihilism. Not at all! Let us accept the truth, however unpleasant it may be, and with the death rate staring us in the face, let us not be deceived with vain fancies...
we need a stern, iconoclastic spirit which leads, not to nihilism, but to an active skepticism - not the passive skepticism, born of despair, but the active skepticism born of a knowledge that recognizes its limitations and knows full well that only in this attitude of mind can true progress be made.
- William Osler 1909