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Items where at least one author is a Healthy Skepticism member

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Hagan K
Ethical fears over Pfizer deal with pharmacists
The Sydney Morning Herald 2011 Oct 20

Lacasse JR, Leo J
Knowledge of ghostwriting and financial conflicts-of-interest reduces the perceived credibility of biomedical research
BMC Research Notes 2011 Jan 31;4:27

Ramos J
Spotlight on Industry Ties of Health Advocacy Groups
Health Watch 2011 Jan 17

Othman N, Vitry AI, Roughead EE, Ismail SB, Omar K
Medicines information provided by pharmaceutical representatives: a com parative study in Australia and Malaysia.
BMC Public Health 2010 Nov 30;10:(1):743

Spurling GK, Mansfield PR, Montgomery BD, Lexchin J, Doust J, Othman N, Vitry AI
Information from Pharmaceutical Companies and the Quality, Quantity, and Cost of Physicians' Prescribing: A Systematic Review
PLoS Med 2010 Oct 19;7:(10):

Carmody D, Mansfield PR
What do medical students think about pharmaceutical promotion?
Australian Medical Student Journal 2010 Apr;1:(1):54-7

Othman N, Vitry AI, Roughead EE
Medicines information in medical journal advertising in Australia, Malaysia and the United States: A comparative cross-sectional study
Southern Med Review 2010;3:(1): Issue1.pdf

Vitry A
Reporting of Studies on New Medicines in Major Medical Journals: A Case Study in Breast Cancer
Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics 2010;87:(4):398–400

Vitry AI.
Does direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising do more harm than good?
Ann Intern Med 2009 Dec 1;151:(11):823-4

Gérvas J, Wright J
Please may we have an RCT now?
BMJ 2009 Nov 10;339:

Vitry A
Why the ban on prescription medicine ads is a joke
Crikey 2009 Oct 7

Lexchin J, O'Donovan O
Prohibiting or ‘managing’ conflict of interest? A review of policies and procedures in three European drug regulation agencies
Social Science & Medicine 2009 Sep 24;

Gagnon MA
Recherche médicale: la belle affaire! - Medical Research: A Beautiful Business!
Le Devoir 2009 Sep 4

Jureidini J, Raven M.
Unpicking claims in the media about suicide and depression
Croakey: The Crikey Health Blog 2009 Aug 4

Jureidini J, Clothier R.
Elsevier should divest itself of either its medical publishing or pharmaceutical services division
Lancet 2009 Aug 1;374:(9687): 375

Othman N, Vitry A, Roughead EE.
Quality of Pharmaceutical Advertisements in Medical Journals: A Systematic Review
PLoS One 2009 Jul 22;4:(7):

Swanson RC, Mosley H, Sanders D, Egilman D, De Maeseneer J, Chowdhury M, Lanata CF, Dearden K, Bryant M.
Call for global health-systems impact assessments.
Lancet 2009 Aug 8;374:(9688):433-435. Epub 2009 Jul 2

Chan J, Kliner M, Currie J.
Preserving objectivity in medical education
Lancet 2009 Jun 27;373:(9682):2197

Mansfield PR.
Under the influence
ABC Unleashed 2009 May 25

Biron P, Mintzes B, Lexchin J, Gagnon M-A, Wright JM, Hofmann A, Musini V.
Can J Clin Pharmacol 2009 May 13;16:(2):285-286

Leo J, Lacasse JR.
Clinical Trials of Therapy versus Medication: Even in a Tie, Medication wins
BMJ 2009 Mar 5;Rapid response

Light DW
Advanced Market Commitments: Current Realities and Alternate Approaches
: HAI 2009 Mar

Vitry A, Gilbert A, Mott K, Rao D, March G.
Provision of medicines information in Australian community pharmacies
Pharm World Sci 2009 Feb 20;epub ahead of print

Vitry A, Lai YH.
Advertising of antihypertensive medicines and prescription sales in Australia
Internal Medicine Journal 2009 Feb 16;epub ahead of print

Gérvas J.
Trastornos mentales menores en Atención Primaria. La visión con un antropólogo marciano
Equipo CESCA 2009 Feb 11

Harvey K.
Daft or draft TGA weight loss claim guidelines?
Crikey 2009 Feb 10

Leo J, Lacasse JR.
Consumer advertisements of medications for ADHD
Tamimi S, Leo J. Rethinking ADD: From Brain To Culture. New York: Palgrave Macmillan 2009

Lexchin J.
CJEM and pharmaceutical advertisements: it’s time for an end
CJEM 2009;11:(4):375-9

Gérvas J, Mansfield PR
Physicians, the industry and population health
Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 2009;63:(10):773-774

Egilman D
Just say no
BMJ 2009;339:b4527

Villanueva T
Centro Vasco de Información de Medicamentos CEVIME-MIEZ
Rev Port Clin Geral 2009;25:724 contenidos/informacion/presentacion_cevime/ es_1219/indice_c.html

Raven M .
Are drug companies hijacking consumer advocacy?
Crikey 2008 Nov 20

Ross JS, Nazem AG, Lurie P, Lackner JE, Krumholz HM.
Updated Estimates of Pharmaceutical Company Payments to Physicians in Vermont
JAMA 2008 Nov 5;300:(17):1998-2000

Brody H.
'Biologicals'--a Technique to Justify High Drug Prices
Hooked: Ethics, Medicine, and Pharma (blog) 2008 Oct 17

Vitry A.
Time for transparency at the TGA
Australian Prescriber 2008 Oct;31:114-6

Hill KP, Ross JS, Egilman DS, Krumholz HM.
The ADVANTAGE seeding trial: a review of internal documents.
Annals of Internal Medicine 2008 Aug 19;149:(4):251-8

Harvey K.
Is regulation of complementary medicine marketing a joke?
Crikey 2008 Jul 29

Brody H.
PhRMA Code in Action in Massachusetts: Behind the Scenes
Hooked: Ethics, Medicine, and Pharma (blog) 2008 Jul 18

Brody H.
New PhRMA Code, I: Defending the Line
Hooked: Ethics, Medicine, and Pharma (blog) 2008 Jul 12

Brody H.
New PhRMA Code, II: The Larger Context
Hooked: Ethics, Medicine, and Pharma (blog) 2008 Jul 12

Othman N.
Iklan ubat-ubatan di jurnal perubatan - Informasi yang diragui? [Pharmaceutical advertisements in medical journals : poor quality of information?]
Dewan Kosmik 2008 Jul

McHenry LB, Jureidini JN.
Industry-sponsored ghostwriting in clinical trial reporting: a case study.
Account Res 2008 Jul-Sep;15:(3):152-67

Gérvas J.
Human papillomavirus vaccines. Three decent proposals .
CMAJ 2008 Jun 13;epub

Lexchin J, Basset K, Biron P, Mansfield PR, Mintzes B.
Medications for obesity
Can Fam Physician 2008 Jun;54:(6):848 - 849

Lexchin J.
Doctors and Industry Funding of Continuing Medical Education: Guilty as Charged
The Israeli Journal of Emergency Medicine 2008 Jun;8:(2):23-25

Montgomery BD.
Free lunches are not the answer
BMJ 2008 May 10;336:(7652):1034

Jureidini JN, McHenry LB, Mansfield PR.
Clinical trials and drug promotion: Selective reporting of study 329
The International Journal of Risk and Safety in Medicine 2008 May;20:(1-2):73-81

Ross JS, Hill KP, Egilman DS, Krumholz HM.
Guest authorship and ghostwriting in publications related to rofecoxib: a case study of industry documents from rofecoxib litigation.
JAMA 2008 Apr 16;299:(15):1800-12

Egilman DS, Bohme SR.
IJOEH and the critique of bias.
Int J Occup Environ Health 2008 Apr-Jun;14:(2):147-51

Light DW, Warburton RN.
Ethical Standards for Healthcare Journal Editors: A Case Report and Recommendations
Harvard Health Policy Review 2008 Spring;9:(1):46-55

Vitry A, Lexchin J, Sasich L, Dupin-spriet T, Reed T, Bertele V, Garattini S, Toop L, Hurley E.
Provision of information on regulatory authorities’ websites
Internal Medicine Journal 2008 Mar 11;epub ahead of print

De Maeseneer J, Van Weel C, Egilman D, Mfenyana K, Kaufman A, Sewankambo N, Flinkenflögel M.
Funding for primary health care in developing countries
BMJ 2008 Mar 8;336:(7643):518

Othman N.
Promosi ubat-ubatan: Adakah keuntungan mengaburi kualiti informasi? [Pharmaceutical promotion: Does the drive for profits reduce the quality of information?]
Dewan Kosmik 2008 Mar25-26

Jutel A, Menkes DB.
Soft Targets: Nurses and the Pharmaceutical Industry
PLoS Medicine 2008 Feb 5;5:(2):5

Herxheimer A, Sanz E.
Social, cultural and ethical aspects of drug use—changes over 40 years: a personal look back
European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 2008 Feb;64:(2):107-114

Mansfield PR.
Do advertisements in clinical software influence prescribing?
Med J Aust 2008 Jan 7;188:(1):13-14

Harvey K, Korczak VS, Marron LJ, Newgreen DB.
Commercialism, choice and consumer protection: regulation of complementary medicines in Australia
The Medical Journal of Australia 2008;188:(1):21-25

Lexchin J.
Drug Approval Times and User Fees: An International Perspective in a Changing World
Pharm Med 2008;22:(1):1-11

Cassels A, Lexchin J.
How well do Canadian media outlets convey medical treatment information?
Open Medicine 2008;2:(2):epub

Jureidini J.
The Black Box Warning: Decreased Prescriptions and Increased Youth Suicide?
Am J Psychiatry 164:1907, December 2007 2007 Dec;164:(12):1907

Moncrieff J.
The Myth of the Chemical Cure: A Critique of Psychiatric Drug Treatment
: Palgrave Macmillan 2007

Leo J, Lacasse JR.
The Media and the Chemical Imbalance Theory of Depression
Society 2007 Nov 28;epub ahead of print

Bala-Miller P, Macmullan J, Upchurch L
Drugs, doctors and dinners: How drug companies influence health in the developing world
London: Consumers International 2007 Oct 31

Nordin C.
The pharmaceutical industry and doctors' prescribing habits
Ockham's Razor (Radio National, Australian Broadcasting Commission) 2007 Oct 14

Toop L, Mangin D.
Industry funded patient information and the slippery slope to New Zealand
BMJ 2007 Oct 6;335:(7622):694

Vitry A, Lexchin J, Mansfield PR.
Is Australia's National Medicines Policy Failing? The Case of Cox-2 Inhibitors
Int J Health Serv 2007 Oct;37:(4):735 - 744,9,13;journal,1,148;linkingpublicationresults,1:300313,1

Light D.
Misleading Congress about Drug Development
Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law 2007 Oct;32:(5):895-913

Allan GM, Lexchin J, Wiebe N.
Physician Awareness of Drug Cost: A Systematic Review
PLoS Med 2007 Sep 25;4:(9):e283

Egilman D.
The Truth Is Not Free
The Pump Handle 2007 Sep 11

Norsigian J, Stephenson H.
HPV Vaccine Flags Need for More Pap Tests
Women's eNews 2007 Sep 5

Mansfield P.
Xenical, the drug that dare not speak its name
Crikey 2007 Sep 3

Vitry A, Mintzes B, Lexchin J
Direct-to-consumer advertising policy in Australia: realism in whose interests?
Internal Medicine Journal 2007 Sep;37:(9):665–666

Lexchin J.
The secret things belong unto the Lord our God: secrecy in the pharmaceutical arena.
Med Law 2007 Sep;26:(3):417-30

Mansfield P.
Pharma pays the piper: will Roche call Kidney Health Australia’s tune?
Crikey 2007 Aug 28

Menkes DB, Jureidini JN, Mansfield PR.
Skepticism about antidepressants for under 18s
BMJ Rapid Response 2007 Aug 22;epub

Mangin D, Sweeney K, Heath I.
Preventive health care in elderly people needs rethinking
BMJ 2007 Aug 11;335:(7614):285

Spurling G, Mansfield P.
General practitioners and pharmaceutical sales representatives: quality improvement research.
Qual Saf Health Care 2007 Aug;16:(4):266-70

Biles D, Howlett P, Hughes R.
Journals and drug advertising: Medical schools, take the lead
BMJ 2007 Jul 28;335:(7612):172

Light DW.
Is G8 putting profits before the world's poorest children?
The Lancet 2007 Jul 28;370:(9584):297-298

Jureidini JN.
Not a trial of antidepressants
BMJ 2007 Jun 18;epub

Harvey K.
Conduct becoming? GPs' GlaxoSmithKline degustation
Crikey 2007 Jun 14

Harvey KJ, Harris AH, Bulfone L.
The National Health Amendment (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) Bill 2007: reform or fracture?
Med J Aust 2007 Jun 13;187:(4):206-207

Faunce TA, Lexchin J.
'Linkage' pharmaceutical evergreening in Canada and Australia.
Aust New Zealand Health Policy 2007 Jun 1;4:(1):8

Norsigian J.
Misleading Ads and How They Hurt Us
The Women's Media Center 2007 May 25

Mansfield PR.
The illusion of invulnerability
BMJ 2007 May 19;334:(7602):1020

Mansfield PR.
The illusion of invulnerablity
BMJ 2007 May 6;334:(7600):epub

Harvey K.
Schwabe Pharma Australia & Natural Health Products - litigation update
AusPharmList (subscription required) 2007 Apr 5

Cheng AC, Robinson PM, Harvey K.
Off-label use of medicines: consensus recommendations for evaluating appropriateness.
Med J Aust 2007 Apr 2;186:(7):379-80

Roy N, Madhiwalla N, Pai SA.
Drug promotional practices in Mumbai: a qualitative study
Indian Journal of Medical Ethics 2007 Apr-Jun;4:(2):57-61

Menkes DB, Maharajh M.
Just saying 'no' to pharmaceutical sponsorship
N Z Med J 2007 Mar 23;120:(1251):U2471

Rogers , W.a.
The tangled web of medical and commercial interests
Health Expectations 2007 Mar;10:(1):1-3

Spurling G, Kyle G.
Is your sample cupboard relevant to your practice?
Aust Fam Physician 2007 Mar;36:(3):187-8,

Mansfield PR, Hoffman JR, Lexchin J.
Educating Health Professionals about Drug and Device Promotion: Authors' Reply.
PLoS Med. 2007 Feb 27;4:(2):e88

Harvey K.
Medicines Australia latest Code of Conduct Report
AusPharmList 2007 Feb 16

Moncrieff J.
In Debate: Are Antidepressants as Effective as Claimed? No, They Are Not Effective at All
Can J Psychiatry 2007 Feb;52:(2):96–97

Krumholz HM, Hines HH, Ross JS, Presler AH, Egilman DS.
What have we learnt from Vioxx?
BMJ 2007 Jan 20;334:(7585):120

Lexchin J.
Of Money and Trust in Biomedical Care
Mens Sana Monographs 2007 Jan-Dec;5:(1):7-10;year=2007;volume=5;issue=1;spage=7;epage=10;aulast=Lexchin

Guyatt G, Devereaux PJ, Lexchin J, Stone SB, Yalnizyan A, Himmelstein D, Woolhandler S, Zhou Q, Goldsmith G, Cook DJ, Haines T, Lacchetti C, Lavis J, Sullivan T, Mills E, Kraus S, Bhatnagar N.
A systematic review of studies comparing health outcomes in Canada and the United States
Open Medicine 2007;1:(1):E27-36

Lexchin J.
A comparison of new drug availability in Canada and the United States and potential therapeutic implications of differences.
Health Policy 2006 Dec;79:(2-3):214-20

Mansfield PR.
Doctors as lapdogs to drug firms: Independence may be most cost effective way to improve health care.
BMJ 2006 Nov 25;333:(7578):1121-2

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