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Items mentioning or quoting Healthy Skepticism members or activities

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Sweet M.
Website launched to expose "tricks" of drug ads
BMJ 2003 Oct 18;327:(7420):936

Saunders C.
New web site targets drug ads.
Australian Doctor Weekly 2003 Oct 10

Mak HK.
Drug influences.
Australian Doctor Weekly 2003 Jul 17

Toop L, Richards D, Dowell T.
The leadership role of general practice in public health: advocating a ban of direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs in New Zealand.'Possums in the headlights?'.
Br J Gen Pract. 2003 Apr 1;53:(489):342-5

Corbett J.
Drug pushers - the campaign for Glivec funding
New Zealand Herald 2002 Oct 26

Cassels A
A tough advertising pill to swallow
The Ottawa Citizen 2001 Jun 7

Sanders C
Drug company ads targeting consumers hit
Winnipeg Free Press 2001 Jun 2

Direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising
Working Group on Women and Health Protection 2001 Jun 1

Robinson J.
Prescription games: money, ego, and power inside the global pharmaceutical industry
Toronto: McClelland and Stewart 2001

Jureidini JN.
Epidemic of schizophrenia in children or inappropriate prescribing?
Med J Aust 2000 Nov 20;173:(10):555-6

Braithwaite J, Drahos P.
Global business regulation.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2000

Riggert E.
Drug firms' 'gifts' to GPs
The Advertiser 1999 Jul 26

Sweet M
Getting to the consumer direct
Australian Doctor 1999 Mar 529

Pemble L
New way to handle drug reps
Medical Observer 1998 Aug 2165

Misleading promotions in Australia
Scrip 1997 Dec 26;

Sweet M
Healthy Profits: Why your doctor is a pill pusher
The Sydney Morning Herald 1997 Oct 25

Blutstein H
Dealing Drugs Legally
The Big Issue 1996 Nov 1714-16

Ragg M.
MaLAM and Augmentin
Lancet 1993;342:487

Hailstone B
Doctors 'misled' by advertising
The Advertiser 1991 Jun 1810

Miller C
Doctors hit drug firms over ads
The Herald and Weeky Times 1990 Jan 31

MaLAM’s open letter to industry
Scrip 1989;(1457):23

McIntosh P
Drug companies feel a watchdog's bite
The Age 1988 Jun 48

Haslam A
Doctor on warpath
New Sunday Times 1986 May 4

Smith D
When misleading ads can kill
The National Times 1985 May 23

Miller C
Drug ads in Third World need scrutiny
Australian Doctor 1985 Mar 628

Fowler J
'War' on the drug firms who cheat
Daily News 1984 Nov 2310

Fighting killer drugs
The West Australian 1984 Nov 2131

MLAM rallies health care activists against 'inappropriate' marketing
International Barometer 1985 Nov1 & 3

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If there is something you don't like, please tell us. If you like our work, please tell others. influence multinational corporations effectively, the efforts of governments will have to be complemented by others, notably the many voluntary organisations that have shown they can effectively represent society’s public-health interests…
A small group known as Healthy Skepticism; formerly the Medical Lobby for Appropriate Marketing) has consistently and insistently drawn the attention of producers to promotional malpractice, calling for (and often securing) correction. These organisations [Healthy Skepticism, Médecins Sans Frontières and Health Action International] are small, but they are capable; they bear malice towards no one, and they are inscrutably honest. If industry is indeed persuaded to face up to its social responsibilities in the coming years it may well be because of these associations and others like them.
- Dukes MN. Accountability of the pharmaceutical industry. Lancet. 2002 Nov 23; 360(9346)1682-4.