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Update 2007-03-19

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We have moved our website to a new server but the address remains: If you have experienced technical problems
with our website, we apologize. We are trying to do a lot with
limited resources. We hope there will be less technical problems from
now on.

Jon Jureidini (HS Chair), Leemon McHenry (consultant to the Baum
Hedlund law firm) and Peter Mansfield (HS Director) have been
analyzing internal documents from GlaxoSmithKline regarding Study 329
of paroxetine for depressed adolescents. Our analysis has been
submitted to a medical journal. Meanwhile the documents and a list of
all known trials of newer antidepressants for depressed children and
adolescents are available at:
[obsolete URL deleted]

We are still catching up on posting Healthy Skepticism International
News issues. Issues dated December 2006 and January 2007 have now
been posted.

December 2006 Vol 24 No 12
What everyone needs to know about drug marketing. Part 1: Products.
By: Peter R Mansfield
This is first part of a 3 part article. This part focuses on
pharmaceutical products.

Go to:

January 2007 Vol 25 No 1
What everyone needs to know about drug marketing. Part 2: Prices
By: Peter R Mansfield
This part will be easier to understand if you have read the first
part first.

Go to:

If you know of any publications relevant to drug promotion that are
not listed in our web library please inform: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Publications by Healthy Skepticism Members

Mansfield PR, Hoffman JR, Lexchin J.
Educating Health Professionals about Drug and Device Promotion:
Authors' Reply.
PLoS Med. 2007 Feb 27;4(2):e88

Harvey K.
Medicines Australia latest Code of Conduct Report
AusPharmList 2007 Feb 16

Lexchin J.
A comparison of new drug availability in Canada and the United States
and potential therapeutic implications of differences.
Health Policy 2006 Dec;79(2-3):214-20

Mansfield PR.
Doctors as lapdogs to drug firms: Independence may be most cost
effective way to improve health care.
BMJ 2006 Nov 25;333(7578):1121-2

Recent publications mentioning Healthy Skepticism

Pollard R.
Bitter pills
Sydney Morning Herald 2007 Feb 15

Langley ZL
Antidote for Misleading Advertising: Healthy Skepticism Inc.
ShuffleBrain; 2007 Feb 11

Fleg AN.
Introduction to pharmaceuticology
studentBMJ 2007;15:45-88


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What these howls of outrage and hurt amount to is that the medical profession is distressed to find its high opinion of itself not shared by writers of [prescription] drug advertising. It would be a great step forward if doctors stopped bemoaning this attack on their professional maturity and began recognizing how thoroughly justified it is.
- Pierre R. Garai (advertising executive) 1963