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Pharma Phacts Victoria Launch - UMMSS Lecture

hey Pharma Phacts phriends (sorry),

As part of the University of Melbourne Medical Students’ Society Lecture Series, Pharma Phacts will be holding a panel discussion on the issue of pharmaceutical advertising and students.
The Guests include:
- Rob Mould - editor of the Therapeutic Guidelines
- A rep from GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals
- A GP and member of Healthy Skepticism

The discussion will be held in the Sunderland Theatre in the medical building, Parkville, starting at 7pm.

This the first event Pharma Phacts has held in Vic, so please come along and participate in the debate!

Dave Carmody

Forgot the date - Monday 17th August.
Sunderland Theatre, Parkville.

See you there hopefully.

13 August
Hey guys,
The time of the lecture taking place on the 17th of August at the University of Melbourne has changed - it will now run from 6-7pm, instead of 7-8pm.
Hope to see you there!
Dave Carmody



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Pharma Phacts are a medical student group committed to raising awareness about pharmaceutical companies and their interactions with medical students.