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phactos updatos

hey guys,

Thanks to everyone who has joined in the last week or so. In little over two weeks, over 400 med students have joined up to Pharma Phacts. It is a good sign of the interest in the lead up to the launch at GHC next month.

So before the website and the official launch is underway, have a read of this ABC opinion piece. It is from Dr. Peter Mansfield, the Founder and Director of Healthy Skepticism. It is a totally different way of thinking about pharmaceutical advertising.

Take a look, it is a good introductory read.

If there is anyone who wants to get involved with Pharma Phacts in the lead up to GHC let us know via our email.

In particular, anyone who has video creation skills in order to help out making a short vid, send us a line, we would love your help.

And send out the word and invite as many people as possible to the facebook group.

Phact out,

PS worst pun ever, punishable by imprisonment in pun prison!



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Pharma Phacts are a medical student group committed to raising awareness about pharmaceutical companies and their interactions with medical students.