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Pharma Phacts News

Now that Pharma Phacts is all launched

Hey everyone,

Thanks to the people who joined up to Pharma Phacts after GHC..

We are now officially launched and now this is time where your ideas come in..

We are in the process of setting up branches of Pharma Phacts at each uni. We aim to have a branch at every uni by the end of the year and the first branches rolled out by September.
If you are interested in setting up Pharma Phacts at your uni, email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Our website will becoming more interactive in the coming weeks, with more chances to debate the ideas on the website or on our new twitter presences.

Each week, we will send out an debate ideas. Something to get you thinking about pharma advertising. To whet the debate juices.. Debate the topic on the Facebook group or follow our newly formed twitter group at

Pharma Phacts is not hear to convince you or twist your thoughts. We formed merely to get fellow med students to have a think about pharma advertising. What you do with the info after that is up to you.

So look for our first Pharma Phacts debate topic this weekend.

Remember if you feel passionate about the issue, help set up a Pharma Phacts branch at your uni.

James Ricciardone
Pharma Phacts National Co-ordinator



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Pharma Phacts are a medical student group committed to raising awareness about pharmaceutical companies and their interactions with medical students.