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Pharma Phacts: In the Media

SBS Insight- Doctors and Drugs

SBS ran an Insight program on the issue of doctors and drug company interactions on 26 May 2009. Below is the overview of the program.

Just how close are doctors and drug companies?
Doctors and specialists are regularly offered gifts from drug companies.
These range from pens and coffee mugs, to stethoscopes through to free trips to international conferences. Just last year, drug companies in Australia spent more than $62 million on educational events for doctors, and half of that amount was spent on hospitality such as meals. 
Do these handouts buy influence? 
Critics say they do; that gifts, sponsorships and hospitality affect the independence of the medical profession. Drug companies say that the educational events they sponsor are vital in keeping doctors up to date with new drugs and developments in medical research.
Doctors and drug companies - just how close are they and what does that mean for you the patient?

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