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Pharma Phacts FAQ

I’m just one medical student, what can I do?

Be informed about pharmaceutical companies and how it influences your prescribing practice

Read ‘What does the Evidence Say?’
Go to Healthy Skepticism website

Generate awareness at your university

You can host a debate about pharmaceutical sponsorship at your university, write an opinion piece for your medical society or gather a group of people to become Pharma Phact Advocates.
Medical student societies should make sure that the cohort is aware of their MedSoc’s position on pharmaceutical sponsorship and are active participants in voting on the issue.

Link to AMSA PharmFree

The Australian Medical Students Association has produced Guidelines for Pharmaceutical Sponsorship. Make sure your university complies with this guidelines by reading them here.

Don’t accept pharmaceutical sponsorship, gifts or hospitality.

Pledge to become PharmFree link here

Become a Pharma Phacts Advocate at your university

Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)



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Pharma Phacts are a medical student group committed to raising awareness about pharmaceutical companies and their interactions with medical students.