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Items published in 2013

There are 69 items in the Healthy Skepticism Library that were published in 2013.

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Wegwarth O, Gigerenzer G
Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment: Evaluation of What Physicians Tell Their Patients About Screening Harms
JAMA Internal Med 2013 Dec; 173:(22):2086-2087

Schwitzer G
When doctors don’t discuss harms of screening tests with patients
Health New 2013 Oct 22

Unreliable research: Trouble at the lab
The Economist 2013 Oct 19

Ubel PA, Abernethy AP, Zafar SY
Full Disclosure - Out-of-Pocket Costs as Side Effects
NEJM 2013 Oct 17; 369:

Wen L
What Do You Know About Your Doctor?
Psychology Today 2013 Oct 15

Blumer C
Ethical Triage For Doctors
The Globe and Mail 2013 Oct 15

Bertens LCM, Broekhuizen BDL, Naaktgeboren CA, Rutten FH, Hoes AW, van Mourik Y, Moons KGM, Reitsma JB
Use of Expert Panels to Define the Reference Standard in Diagnostic Research: A Systematic Review of Published Methods and Reporting
PLoS Med 2013 Oct 15; 10:(10):

Blumer C
Medical Ethics Under The Knife
The Global Mail 2013 Oct 9

Arie S
Doctors’ groups are criticised for endorsing pro-industry guidelines
BMJ 2013 Oct 9; 347:

Taylor L
Serious side-effects warnings can increase drug sales: study
PharmaTimes 2013 Sep 24

Bowie C
Sales reps struggling with the new NHS environment
Pharma Times 2013 Aug 30

Burns M
Report profiles cardiologists for market insights
Pharmalive 2013 Aug 29

Moynihan RN, Cooke GPE, Doust JA, Bero L, Hill S, Glasziou PP
Expanding Disease Definitions in Guidelines and Expert Panel Ties to Industry: A Cross-sectional Study of Common Conditions in the United States
PLoS Med 2013 Aug 13;

Cavicchi V
Defining the Audience: Customer-Centric Sales Strategies and Physician Segmentation
Cutting Edge Info 2013 July 24

Fern Tay H
Chinese police accuse GlaxoSmithKline of artificially inflating cost of medicine
PM : ABC Radio National 2013 July 180

Yan A, Han Shih T
Shanghai travel agent's revenue surge led to arrests in GSK bribery case
South China Post 2013 July 16

Trans-Pacific trade agreement could choke off patient access to affordable generic medicines
Medicines Sans Frontiers 2013 July 15

Nagarajan R
The patient doctor
The Times of India 2013 July 6

Burns M
Study unearths ‘surprising’ findings on doctors’ good publication practice views
Pharmalive 2013 Jun 26‘surprising’-findings-on-doctors’-good-publication-practice-views

Wise J
Novartis found to be in breach of code over drug brochure
BMJ 2013 Jun 20; 346:

Davies E
Flu hype and pharma failures: patients deserve better
BMJ 2013 May 24; 346:

Eban K
The latest to claim fraud at generic Lipitor maker Ranbaxy: Its owners
CNN Money 2013 May 23

Harvey K, Voevodin M
Regulations around food-medicine products fail to protect consumers
The Conversation 2013 May 21

Davies E
Can Big Pharma put patients first?
BMJ 2013 May 21; 346:

Govt to regulate rates of 652 medicines; prices set to fall
Economic Times 2013 May 17

Doshi P
Influenza: marketing vaccine by marketing disease
BMJ 2013 May 16; 346:

Tiefer L, Witczak K, Heath I
A call to challenge the 'Selling of Sickness'
BMJ 2013 May 14; 346:f2809 doi:

Corderoy A
Most pills and potions fail the test
The Sydney Morning Herald 2013 May 12

Corderoy A
War of words on potions and pills continues
The Sydney Morning Herald 2013 May 12

Rome E
Big Pharma CEOs Rake in $1.57 Billion in Pay
The Huffington Post 2013 May 8

McCredie J
Jane McCredie: A drop of credibility
MJA InSight 2013 May 6;

Exorbitant Prices for Leukemia Drugs
The New York Times 2013 May 1

How Big Pharma Is Killing Americans
Truthout 2013 Apr 29

Rosenberg M
6 New Ways Big Pharma Is Scheming to Make Billions at the Expense of Your Health
Alternet 2013 Apr 25

J.D. Power study shows physicians still see reps as main influence
Pharmalive 2013 Apr 25

US govt sues Novartis for health care fraud
The Indian Express 2013 Apr 24

Indian Supreme Court Delivers Verdict in Novartis Case
Medicines Sans Frontiers 2013 Apr 1

Getting Closer to a Fully Correctable and Connected Research Literature
PLoS Med 2013 Mar 26; 10:(3):

Ana J, KoehlmoosT, Smith R, Yan LL
Research Misconduct in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
PLoS Med 2013 Mar 26; 10:(3):

Resnik DB, Master Z
Policies and Initiatives Aimed at Addressing Research Misconduct in High-Income Countries
PLoS Med 2013 Mar 26; 10:(3):

Svensson S, Menkes DB, Lexchin J
Surrogate Outcomes in Clinical Trials: A Cautionary Tale
JAMA 2013 Mar 25; (1-2 ):

Sharp C
Key Opinion Leaders – A Fast and Furious Approach to Brand Recognition
eyeforpharma 2013 Mar 21

Brauser D
Psychiatrists Top List of Big Pharma Payments Again
Medscape 2013 Mar 14;

Kmietowicz Z
BMA follows Lancet in quitting group on collaboration between doctors and drug industry
BMJ 2013 Mar 8; 346:

'Bayer’s Tonic' still on the Market
Coalition against Bayer Dangers 2013 Mar 5

Bramwell N
TGA reform delays slammed
Medical Observer 2013 Mar 5

Wood M
Sales Excellence in the Pharma Industry: An Interview with Hoffmann-La Roche’s Michael van Olm
eyeforpharma 2013 Mar 4

Cymbalta still tops in U.S. drug promotion list
Med Ad News 2013 Feb 28

Kaye B
Senate bill to ban pharma freebies
Medical Observer 2013 Feb 28

Blumer C, Seccombe M
Who’s Your Doctor Dining With? (And Why You Should Care)
The Global Mail 2013 Feb 28

Pirri C
Embracing CAM
MJA InSight 2013 Feb 25

Burns M
Manhattan Research: Pharma widens target to new decision makers
Med Ad News 2013 Feb 11

Kmietowicz Z
GSK backs campaign for disclosure of trial data
BMJ 2013 Feb 7; 346:

Roehr B
Drug companies will have to report all payments to US doctors from March 2014
BMJ 2013 Feb 7; 346:

Davis C
Is there a cure for corporate crime in the drug industry?
BMJ 2013 Feb 6; 346:

Tucker ME
Drug companies lobby against generic versions of biologics
BMJ 2013 Feb 4; 346:

Horton R
Offline: Falling out with pharma
The Lancet 2013 Feb 2; 381:(9864):358

Kanter J, Thomas K
European Officials Say Drug Makers Paid to Delay Generic Version
The New York Times 2013 Jan 31

Getting More Generous with the Truth: Clinical Trial Reporting in 2013 and Beyond
PLoS Med 2013 Jan 29; 10:(1):

Vedula SS, Li T, Dickersin K
Differences in Reporting of Analyses in Internal Company Documents Versus Published Trial Reports: Comparisons in Industry-Sponsored Trials in Off-Label Uses of Gabapentin
PLoS Med 2013 Jan 29; 10:(1):

Doherty B
Drug companies 'using Indians as guinea pigs'
The Sydney Morning Herald 2013 Jan 27

Entry prices for new medications fall 35% 2013 Jan 22

Duijnhoven RG, Straus SMJM, Raine JM, de Boer A, Hoes AW, De Bruin ML
Number of Patients Studied Prior to Approval of New Medicines: A Database Analysis
PLoS Med 2013;

Lopert R, Gleeson D
The High Price of “Free” Trade: U.S. Trade Agreements and Access to Medicines
The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 2013; 41:(1):199–223

Brougher J
Evergreening patents: The Indian Supreme Court rejects patenting of incremental improvements
Journal of Commerical Biotechnology 2013; 19:(3): doi:

Light DW
Risky Drugs: Why The FDA Cannot Be Trusted
Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 2013;

Stamatakis E, Weiler R, Ioannidis JP.
Undue industry influences that distort healthcare research, strategy, expenditure and practice: a review.
Eur J Clin Invest 2013 25; doi: 10.1111/eci.12074. [Epub ahead of print]

Burns M
Report: Access rates to physicians decline
Pharmalive 2013

Burns M
HxP seeks out ways to better arm salesforces
PharmaLive 2013

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