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Items published in 2010

There are 1617 items in the Healthy Skepticism Library that were published in 2010.

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The expectations, the reality and the burden of drug donations.
Burnet Instiute 2010

Willis M, Persson U, Zoellner Y, Gradl B.
Reducing uncertainty in value-based pricing using evidence development agreements: the case of continuous intraduodenal infusion of levodopa/carbidopa (duodopa
Appl Health Econ Health Policy 2010; 8:(6):377-86

Episode 8: Defender of industry-sponsored CME
The Med AD News Show 2010

Episode 10: Not All Interests Are Conflicts
The Med AD News Show 2010

Carlat D
Unhinged: The Trouble with Psychiatry - A Doctor's Revelations about a Profession in Crisis : Simon & Schuster 2010

Hyer CF
Off-label use and prescribing what does it mean for the foot and ankle surgeon?
Foot Ankle Spec 2010; 3:(5):303-6

ICH: an exclusive club of drug regulatory agencies and drug companies imposing its rules on the rest of the world.
Prescrire Int. 2010; 19:(108):183-6

Kuehlein T, Sghedoni D, Visentin G, Gérvas J, Jamoulle M
Quaternary prevention: a task of the general practitioner
Primary Care 2010; (18):

Ching A, Ishihara M
The effects of detailing on prescribing decisions under quality uncertainty
Quant Mark Econ 2010; 8:123–165

Chandra, R
Incentives for Global Public Health: Patent Law and Access to Essential Medicines
The role of national laws in reconciling constitutional right to health with TRIPS obligations: an examination of the Glivec patent case in India, Part IV, Chapter 15 Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press 2010381-405

Faunce T, Urbas G, Skillen L, Smith M.
Recovering fraudulent claims for Australian federal expenditure on pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
J Law Med 2010; 18:(2):302-15

Parker MH
Normative lessons: codes of conduct, self-regulation and the law
eMJA 2010; 192:(11):658-660

Jain S
Continuing Medical Education: How to Separate Continuing Medical Education from Pharmaceutical Industry Promotion
Understanding Physician-Pharmaceutical Industry Interactions A Concise Guide Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2010

Baucus M, Grassley C
Staff Report on GlaxoSmithKline and The Diabetes Drug Avandia
Committee on Finanace United States Senate 2010 Jan

Ladd EC, Mahoney DF, Emani S.
'Under the radar': nurse practitioner prescribers and pharmaceutical industry promotions.
Am J Manag Care 2010 1; 16:(12):e358-62

Iskowitz M
CME providers must correct violative info, council says
Medical Marketing & Media 2010 12 23

Arnold M
Online groups are hotbed of promotion
Medical Marketing & Media 2010 11 15

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