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Items published in 2010

There are 1617 items in the Healthy Skepticism Library that were published in 2010.

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Jack A, Burgis T
Pfizer calls WikiLeaks cable ‘preposterous’
The Finanical Times 2010 Dec 11

Jewett C
Top antipsychotic prescribers also drug promoters
California Watch 2010 Dec 6

Baum M, Thornton H, Gøtzsche PC, Bewley S, Jørgensen KJ, Barratt A, Ross N, Woloshin S, Schwartz L, Musiello T, Blennerhassett M, Napoli M, Baines CJ, Vaidya JS, Williams N, Havercroft D, Zahl PH, Retsky M, Kaplan RM, Dixon-Woods M, Berry DA, Isaacson K,
Breast cancer awareness month. Still awaiting screening facts.
BMJ. 2010 Nov 2; 341:c6152. doi: 10.1136/bmj.c6152

Hopkins Tanne J
US medical school faculty still break conflict of interest rules, report says
BMJ 2010 Dec 30; 341:

Bax L, Moons KG
Beyond publication bias
J Clin Epidemiol 2010 Dec 30;

Arnold M
DDMAC enforcement letters up 26% in 2010
Medical Marketing & Media 2010 Dec 28

Greenberg G
Inside the Battle to Define Mental Illness
Wired 2010 Dec 27

Lewis Dolan P
Privacy groups ask FTC to probe drug companies' online practices
Americal Medical News 2010 Dec 27

IMA member complains against show-cause notice
The Hindu 2010 Dec 25,0

Sun X, Briel M, Busse JW, You JJ, Akl EA, Mejza F, Bala MM, Bassler D, Mertz D, Diaz-Granados N, Vandvik PO, Malaga G, Srinathan SK, Dahm P, Johnston BC, Alonso-Coello P, Hassouneh B, Truong J, Dattani ND, Walter SD, Heels-Ansdell D, Bhatnagar N, Altman
The influence of study characteristics on reporting of subgroup analyses in randomised controlled trials: systematic review
BMJ 2010 Dec 24; 342:

U of T revising pain course over pharma influence concerns
The Canadian Press 2010 Dec 23

Staton T
Stanford probes docs for paid speeches
Fierce Pharma 2010 Dec 22

Tanne JH
US drug companies paid $15bn in fines for fraudulent marketing in past five years
BMJ 2010 Dec 21; 341:

Asbury K
Former drug rep sues for unlawful discharge
The West Virginia Record 2010 Dec 21

Comer B
Court hears arguments in drug rep's free speech case
Medical Marketing & Media 2010 Dec 21

Grogan K
Pharma industry tops government fraud table in USA
Pharma Times 2010 Dec 20

Hawkes N
Companies that want to charge a higher than basic price for a new drug will have to give evidence that it’s worth it
BMJ 2010 Dec 20; 341:

Gray S
Drug Companies Take Their Pitch to Social Media
TIME 2010 Dec 17,8599,2037568,00.html#ixzz1EkY6eLKg

Pharmaceutical Industry Is Biggest Defrauder of the Federal Government Under the False Claims Act, New Public Citizen Study Finds
Public Citizen 2010 Dec 16

Almashat S, Preston C, Waterman T, Wolfe S
Monetary Penalties Against the Pharmaceutical Industry Murat Civaner
Public Citizen’s Health Research Group 2010 Dec 16

Almashat S, Preston C, Waterman T, Wolfe S
Rapidly Increasing Criminal and Civil Monetary Penalties Against the Pharmaceutical Industry: 1991 to 2010
Public Citizen 2010 Dec 16

Silverman E
Most Med Schools Have Strong Conflict Policies
Pharma Times 2010 Dec 16

Hawkes N
Four drug companies breach industry’s code of practice
BMJ 2010 Dec 16; 341:

Iskowitz M
GSK reveals speaker, consulting fees
Medical Marketing & Media 2010 Dec 15

EU, India Trade Deal Could Hurt Access to Anti-Retrovirals
Scottrade Market News and Headlines 2010 Dec 15§ion=headlines&filter=COMTEX

Cohen D, Carter P
How small changes led to big profits for insulin manufacturers
BMJ 2010 Dec 15; 341:

Stepney R
A dose by any other name would not sell as sweet
BMJ 2010 Dec 15; 341:

Bolling J
Targeted marketing isn't 'unfair and deceptive'
Medical Marketing & Media 2010 Dec 15

Comer B
Info-starved patients want more from docs, survey says
Medical Marketing & Media 2010 Dec 15

Elliott S
Philips Mounts Assault on Dead Batteries
The New York Times 2010 Dec 13

Shankar R
'Partnership for Safe Medicines' a farce: Health interest groups 2010 Dec 13

Lehrer J
The Truth Wears Off
The New Yorker 2010 Dec 13

Grogan K
Bayer looks for innovation in drugs and marketing
Pharma Times 2010 Dec 13

Alexander J
Uniform code to curb unethical trade practices by pharma cos ‘still under examination’ 2010 Dec 11

Campbell J, Allen A, McIntyre DA
The Ten Worst Drug Recalls In The History Of The FDA
24/7 Wall St 2010 Dec 10

Vicini J
US top court to decide generic drug labeling issue
Reuters 2010 Dec 10

WikiLeaks cables: Pfizer took aim at Nigeria AG
Reuters 2010 Dec 10

Pollock R, Barnes A, Ringelblum D, Quittner G
Winning friends and influence
Australian Doctor Weekly 2010 Dec 9

Turner G-M
When A Major Medical Financing Study Gets It Wrong
Forbes 2010 Dec 8

Kamp J, Cheng R
IPads Are Latest Weapon in Medical Sales
The Wall Street Journal 2010 Dec 8

Edwards J
Abbott Sales Reps Accused of Rifling Through Patients’ Medical Records
BNet 2010 Dec 8

Taylor L
China: drug price cuts averaging 19% this week
Pharma Times 2010 Dec 8

Taylor L
New Zealand 'challenge to Big Pharma monopoly'
Pharma Times 2010 Dec 8 9Cchallenge_to_Big_Pharma_monopoly%E2%80%9D.aspx

Mayor S
Ethics code for professional medical writers emphasises transparency and completeness of research reporting
BMJ 2010 Dec 8; 341:

Comer B
Patient advocacy influential in drug development, says panel
Medical Marketing & Media 2010 Dec 8

Newman M
The rules of retraction
BMJ 2010 Dec 7; 341:

Comer B
DDMAC pokes Allergan on eye drop direct mail
Medical Marketing & Media 2010 Dec 7

Perry S
Bioethicists ask U of M Regents to appoint outside panel to review ethics of 2004 Dan Markingson case
The Minneapolis Post 2010 Dec 6

Mannix A
Dan Markingson's 2004 suicide: U of M faculty seek investigation
Citipages: U of M blog 2010 Dec 6

Parker MH, Turner J, McGurgan P, Emmerton LM, McAllister LL, Wilkinson D
The difficult problem: assessing medical students' professional attitudes and behaviour
MJA 2010 Dec 6; 193:(11/12):662-664

Kyle G
Creating and marketing illness
MJA 2010 Dec 6; 193:(11/12):708

Lenzer J
Independent drug review group in Canada is squeezed out
BMJ 2010 Dec 6; 341:

Silversides A
Tight regulation of French drug reps mean French doctors get more balanced information than doctors in the US
BMJ 2010 Dec 3; 341:

Silverman E
What To Do About Drug Prices? Three Suggestions…
Pharmalot 2010 Dec 2

Taylor L
EMA widens public access to documents
Pharma Times 2010 Dec 1

Fuchs J, Werner S, Scheunpflug C, Götze EA, Elstermann K, Scheffel K, Domnowski A, Peter G, Hertzsch C, Hippius M.
Excessive medical information increase in package inserts.
Int J Clin Pharmacol Ther 2010 Dec; 48:(12):781-790

Debnath B, Al-Mawsawi LQ, Neamati N
Are we living in the end of the blockbuster drug era?
Drug News Perspect 2010 Dec; 23:(10):670-84

Poser M
DTCA of prescription medicines in the European Union: is there still a need for a ban?
Eur J Health Law 2010 Dec; 17:(5):471-84

Hansen RA, Chen SY, Gaynes BN, Maciejewski ML
Relationship of pharmaceutical promotion to antidepressant switching and adherence: a retrospective cohort study
Psychiatr Serv 2010 Dec; 61:(12):1232-8

Rodwin MA
Drug advertising, continuing medical education, and physician prescribing: a historical review and reform proposal
J Law Med Ethics 2010 Dec; 38:(4):807-15

From the Design of Use Study to the Assessment of the Benefit: with or without Pharmaceutical Industry?
Med Klin (Munich) 2010 Dec; 105:(12):930-935

Othman N, Vitry AI, Roughead EE, Ismail SB, Omar K
Medicines information provided by pharmaceutical representatives: a comparative study in Australia and Malaysia
BMC Public Health 2010 Nov 30;

Othman N, Vitry AI, Roughead EE, Ismail SB, Omar K
Medicines information provided by pharmaceutical representatives: a com parative study in Australia and Malaysia.
BMC Public Health 2010 Nov 30; 10:(1):743

Edwards J
Wyeth Execs Can’t Hide Behind Silence on Antidepressant Data
BNet 2010 Nov 30

Watson R
Drug companies may provide information directly to EU patients but under strict conditions
BMJ 2010 Nov 30; 341:

Increasing calls within EU for new models of medical innovation
TACD, HAI Europe, KEI, Oxfam 2010 Nov 29

Taylor L
Canada: BC independent drug watchdog axed
Pharma Times 2010 Nov 29

Wilson D
Drug Maker Hired Writing Company for Doctors’ Book, Documents Say
The New York Times 2010 Nov 29

Sarojini NB, Srinivasan S, Madhavi Y, Srinivasan S, Shenoi A
The HPV Vaccine: Science, Ethics and Regulation
Economic & Political Weekly EPW 2010 Nov 27; xlv:(48):27-34

Taylor L
MEPs vote for pharma to 'inform, not advertise'
Pharma Times 2010 Nov 26“inform_not_advertise”.aspx

Greene JA, Kesselheim AS
Pharmaceutical Marketing and the New Social Media
N Engl J Med 2010 Nov 25;

Iskowitz M
Health sites' sly tactics stir privacy advocates to petition FTC
Medical Marketing & Media 2010 Nov 24

MacLeod A
BC's New Drug Review 'Jeopardizing Lives'
The Tyee 2010 Nov 24

Silverman E
Oh Canada! Biker Gangs In Charge Of Drug Reviews?
Pharmalot 2010 Nov 24

Ellis O
Senior pharmaceutical figure calls on industry to improve its image
BMJ 2010 Nov 24; 341:

von Schoen-Angerer T
A Tale of Two Vaccines -- Why Price Discounts for Developing Countries Show Limits
The Huffington Post 2010 Nov 24

Stovall S
AstraZeneca CEO: Pharma Must Be Open, Work With Stakeholders
Nasdaq 2010 Nov 24

Joshi AD, Patel DA, Holdford DA
Media coverage of off-label promotion: A content analysis of US newspapers
Res Social Adm Pharm 2010 Nov 24;

Edwards J
Can Genzyme Make $3.5B a Year Giving Away a Drug for Free?
BNet 2010 Nov 24

Crimaldi L, McConville C
Docs gain big bucks from drugs, devices
The Boston Herald 2010 Nov 23

Curran J
Vt. law on drug data mining ruled unconstitutional
Yahoo Finance 2010 Nov 23

Silverman E
FTC Urged To Probe Online Health Marketing
Pharmalot 2010 Nov 23

Silverman E
Vermont Data Mining Law Is Ruled Unconstitutional
Pharmalot 2010 Nov 23

Taylor L
Current pharma model is no longer affordable, MEPs told
Pharma Times 2010 Nov 23

Johnson C
Drug Industry Settlements In 2010 Largest Ever Under False Claims Act
Shots: NPR Health Blog 2010 Nov 22

Silverman E
Merck, Vytorin & Questionable Oxford Researchers
Pharmalot 2010 Nov 22

Medical innovation: Changing an ailing system
EurActiv 2010 Nov 22

Rius J
Civil Society comments on USPTO humanitarian priority review voucher proposal
Knowledge Ecology International 2010 Nov 22

Dyer C
Surgeon threatened with libel over remarks made about a breast enhancement cream
BMJ 2010 Nov 21; 341:

Hunkar D
The Top 20 Global Pharmaceuticals by Sales
Seeking Alpha 2010 Nov 21

Ram T
MCI penalises IMA brass for product endorsement deals
The Times of India 2010 Nov 20

Fitch R
Drug company greed puts kids at risk, US speaker tells Vatican meeting
The Catholic Review 2010 Nov 19

Rosenberg M
15 Dangerous Drugs Big Pharma Shoves Down Our Throats
AlterNet 2010 Nov 19

Feeley J, Adams J
Novartis Hid Risks to Protect Sales, Lawyer Says
Bloomberg News 2010 Nov 19

Orelli P
One Drug, Two Names, Two Wildly Different Prospects
The Motley Fool 2010 Nov 19

Kresge N
Obesity Drug Risks Prompt New EU Drug Data Disclosure Rule
Bloomberg News 2010 Nov 19

Greyson DL, Becu ARE, Morgan SG
Sex, drugs and gender roles: Mapping the use of sex and gender based analysis in pharmaceutical policy research
International Journal for Equity in Health 2010 Nov 19; 9:(1):26

Silverman E
European Pharma Worries About Compliance Rules
Pharmalot 2010 Nov 18

Ornstein C, Weber T, Kusnetz N
Drug Firms Say They’ll Take Closer Look at the Docs They Pay
ProPublica 2010 Nov 18

Grogan K
Novartis to cut marketing costs, maintain R&D spend
Pharma Times 2010 Nov 18

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