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Items published in 2009

There are 1996 items in the Healthy Skepticism Library that were published in 2009.

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Iskowitz M
Lupus drug launch focuses on social media, advocacy orgs
Medical Marketing & Media 2009 Nov 4

Robertson J, Moynihan R, Walkom E, Bero L, Henry D
Mandatory Disclosure of Pharmaceutical Industry-Funded Events for Health Professionals
PLoS Med 2009 Nov 3; 6:(11):

Mayor S
Report calls for public education on screening to ensure more realistic expectations
BMJ 2009 11 03; 339:

Arbour D
Sweet nothings
PM Live 2009 Nov 3

Singer N
Health Bills Aim a Light on Doctors’ Conflicts
The New York Times 2009 Nov 3

Dyer C
Professor is charged with dishonesty over statements on access to full trial data
BMJ 2009 Nov 3;

Silverman E
Drugmakers Place Caps On Speaker Fees: Study
Pharmalot 2009 Nov 2

Rosenberg M
Aren't You Glad Your Doctor Completed Pharma's CMEs?
OpEdNews 2009 Nov 1

Shuaibu I
$75m: Pfizer Demands DNA Report from Beneficiaries
This Day 2009 Nov 1

Moses L
Magazine Industry Hooked on Pharma?
Media Week 2009 Nov 1

Carmichael M
Bitter Pills
Boston Magazine 2009 Nov

Charlton BG
Are you an honest scientist? Truthfulness in science should be an iron law, not a vague aspiration.
Med Hypotheses 2009 Nov; 73:(5):633-5

Brownlee S, Lenzer J
Does the Vaccine Matter?
The Atlantic 2009 Nov

Conflicts of Interest in Clinical Trial Recruitment & Enrollment: A Call for Increased Oversight
The Center for Health & Pharmaceutical Law & Policy 2009 Nov

Levinson DR
How Grantees Manage Financial Conflicts Of Interest In Research Funded By The National Institutes Of Health
Department of Health and Human Services 2009 Nov

Sierles F, Brodkey A, Cleary L, McCurdy FA, Mintz M, Frank J, Lynn DJ, Chao J, Morgenstern B, Shore W, Woodard J.
Relationships between drug company representatives and medical students: medical school policies and attitudes of student affairs deans and third-year medical students.
Acad Psychiatry 2009 Nov-Dec; 33:(6):478-83

Tfelt-Hansen PC
Unpublished clinical trials with sumatriptan
The Lancet 2009 Oct 31; 374:(9700):1501 - 1502

Shire Subpoenaed In U.S. Drug Marketing Probe
The Wall Street Journal 2009 Oct 30

Silverman E
Amgen Sued By 15 States Over Aranesp Kickbacks
Pharmalot 2009 Oct 30

Silverman E
AstraZeneca Pays $520M To Settle Seroquel Probes
Pharmalot 2009 Oct 30

Wilson D
AstraZeneca Pays Millions to Settle Seroquel Cases
The New York Times 2009 Oct 30

Shwartz LM, Woloshin S.
Lost in transmission--FDA drug information that never reaches clinicians.
Engl J Med 2009 Oct 29; 361:(18):1717-20

Garuba HA, Kohler JC, Huisman AM
Transparency in Nigeria's public pharmaceutical sector: perceptions from policy makers
Globalization and Health 2009 Oct 29; 5:(1):14

AstraZeneca starts to come clean about Seroquel
Pharma Gossip 2009 Oct 29

Iniciativas para diminuir relação entre médicos e indústria farmacêutica - III Congresso Brasileiro sobre Uso Racional de Medicamentos
2009 Oct 29

Campbell EG, Rosenthal M
Reform of Continuing Medical Education: Investments in Physician Human Capital
JAMA 2009 Oct 28; 302:(16):

Maddern G
Diary of a surgeon: doctors on the market?
Crikey 2009 Oct 28

Martin JP, Cronin Fisk M, Voreacos D
J&J Salesman Says He Sold Drug for Unapproved Uses (Update3) 2009 Oct 28

Silverman E
FDA Warns Sanofi-Aventis Over Misleading Material
Pharmalot 2009 Oct 28

Comer B
Sanofi card trick draws warning
Medical Marketing & Media 2009 Oct 28

Gever J
FDA Oversight of Postmarketing Studies Slammed
MedPage Today 2009 Oct 28

Pringle E
Profit Driven Swine Flu Propaganda - Pump Up the Volume - Part Four
Natural News 2009 Oct 27

Favole JA
Grassley Probe Of Health Group May Show Deeper Pharma Ties
Dow Jones Newswires 2009 Oct 27

Williamson S, McGrath S, Pound A
Joint working with the pharmaceutical industry
Health Service Journal 2009 Oct 26

Silverman E
NAMI: AstraZeneca Is A ‘Strong, Effective Partner’
Pharmalot 2009 Oct 26

Pitts P
'Shaming' is good. Prison is better. 2009 Oct 26

Jack A
GlaxoSmithKline sidesteps NICE by negotiating with individual hospitals
BMJ 2009 Oct 26; 339:

Hopkins Tanne J
Merck discloses $3.7m paid to US doctors for speeches over three months
BMJ 2009 Oct 26; 339:

Scannell K
Educating doctors -- When Pharma writes the script
The Oakland Tribune 2009 Oct 24

Harvey K
Therapeutic goods reform a bitter pill
The Australian 2009 Oct 24,25197,26245931-23289,00.html

Branded Websites Offer Benefits To Pharmaceutical Marketing, Among Others
B2B Marketing News 2009 Oct 23$311.htm

Benesh P
Pharma Seeks Cure For Off-Label Woes
Yahoo Finance 2009 Oct 23

Associated Press
Eli Lilly Settles Zyprexa Suit With South Carolina
The New York Times 2009 Oct 23

McCaughan M
Alergan’s First Amendment Case: REMS vs. Off-Label Promotion – and DTC
Invivo Blog 2009 Oct 23

Pringle E
Profit Driven Swine Flu Propaganda - Pump Up the Volume Part 3
Natural News 2009 Oct 23

Pringle E
Profit Drive Swine Flu Propaganda - Pump Up the Volume - Part 2
Natural News 2009 Oct 22

Perrone M
Experts: Key drug facts often left off FDA labels
The Associated Press 2009 Oct 22

Taylor L
EU slammed for “double standards” over generics
Pharma Times 2009 Oct 22

Thomaselli R
Franken and Senate Democrats Go After Tax Deduction for Advertising
The Advertising Age 2009 Oct 21

Arnold M
King warned on Embeda VNRs
Medical Marketing & Media 2009 Oct 21

Kuehn BM
Despite Health Claims by Manufacturers, Little Oversight for Homeopathic Products
JAMA 2009 Oct 21; 302:(15):1631-1634.

Harris G
Drug Makers Are Advocacy Group’s Biggest Donors
The New York Times 2009 Oct 21

Bion J.
Financial and intellectual conflicts of interest: confusion and clarity.
Curr Opin Crit Care 2009 Oct 21;

Mundae MK, Ostor AJ.
The long road of biopharmaceutical drug development: from inception to marketing.
QJM 2009 Oct 21;

Pringle E
Profit Driven Swine Flu Propaganda - Pump Up the Volume Part 1
Natural News 2009 Oct 21

Schwartz LM, Woloshin S
Lost in Transmission — FDA Drug Information That Never Reaches Clinicians
NEJM 2009 Oct 21;

New Commercial Model: Science or Swag?
Deloitte 2009 Oct 21

Johnson LA
Merck starts revealing payments to doctor-speakers
The Associated Press 2009 Oct 20

Comer B
Merck discloses a portion of US speaker fees
Medical Marketing & Media 2009 Oct 20

O'Reilly G
Google Sidewiki Could Damage Corporate Brand Reputations
PR Week 2009 Oct 20 Sidewiki could damage corporate brand reputat

Wilson D
Steps to Greater Accountability in Medical Education
The New York Times 2009 Oct 20

New online qualitative research
PM Live 2009 Oct 20

Vastag B
Drug Companies Used Physician Education to Push Pills
Brian Vastag 2009 Oct 20

Medidas da Anvisa podem beneficiar Drogasil e Hypermarcas, diz Fator: Restrições podem consolidar a liderança de empresas que já atuam com força no setor
Portal Exame 2009 Oct 19

Silverman E
Congresswoman: Deny Pfizer Any Federal Funding
Pharmalot 2009 Oct 19

Farmácia só pode vender remédio, decide STJ
Dom 2009 Oct 18

Russell J
Lilly pays CVS Caremark to try to get doctors to prescribe Cymbalta 2009 Oct 18

Edwards J
DOJ Blames Pfizer Management for Bextra Mess:
BNet 2009 Oct 16

Pelofsky J, Bishopric C
US court imposes penalties on Pfizer unit in Bextra case
Reuters 2009 Oct 16

Ziganshina LE
Putin criticises drug companies for paying doctors to prescribe their drugs
BMJ 2009 Oct 16; 339:

Lawsuit Claims Execs Knew Vytorin Study Wouldn’t Be Favorable 2009 Oct 15

Cohen A
Big Pharma and Google Sidewiki: A Sink or Swim Situation?
The Advertising Age 2009 Oct 15

Mack J
Boehringer's Branded Tweet Violates FDA Regulations Just Like Those 14 Paid Search Ads Did
Pharma Marketing Blog 2009 Oct 14

Greenhalgh T
The Ribena girls
BMJ 2009 Oct 14; 339:

Martyn C
Don’t give up the ghost
BMJ 2009 Oct 14; 339:

Wohl J, Heavey S
UPDATE 4-FDA warns P&G over vitamin C in DayQuil and NyQuil
Reuters 2009 Oct 14

Hunt S
Drug companies accused of indirect marketing to consumers
The Wire 2009 Oct 13

Goldstein J
See Your Doctor: The Dawn of Consumer Drug Ads
The Wall Street Journal Blog 2009 Oct 13

Drazen JM, Van Der Weyden MB, Sahni P, Rosenberg J, Marusic A, Laine C, Kotzin S, Horton R, Hébert PC, Haug C, Godlee F, Frizelle FA, de Leeuw PW, DeAngelis CD
Uniform Format for Disclosure of Competing Interests in ICMJE Journals
JAMA 2009 Oct 13; 303:(1):

Feeley J, Pearson S
Glaxo Ordered to Pay $2.5 Million for Paxil Defects (Update4) 2009 Oct 13

Staton T
Lawsuit: Schering execs sat on Vytorin results
Fierce Pharma 2009 Oct 13

Tuffs A
Leading German doctors criticise rising use of post-marketing observational studies by drug companies
BMJ 2009 Oct 13; 339:

Spiegel A
Selling Sickness: How Drug Ads Changed Health Care
npr 2009 Oct 13

Chimonas S, Rozario NM, Rothman DJ.
Show Us the Money: Lessons in Transparency from State Pharmaceutical Marketing Disclosure Laws.
Health Serv Res 2009 Oct 13;

Carroll B
Nemeroff, Seroquel, and ACCME
Health Care Renewal Blog 2009 Oct 12

Shankar P
Pharma companies play loyalty card to boost sales
NJBiz 2009 Oct 12

Barlow D
Drug firm comes to call in Vt. with cash
The Times Argus 2009 Oct 11

Webb J
US Health Reform: Beware of Side Effects!
BBC Radio 4 2009 Oct 11

Martin J
Big banks, big pharma, big problems
New Scientist 2009 Oct 10

Grimm F
Foster kids, prescriptions -- finally alarm
The Miami Herald 2009 Oct 10

Johnson LA
Study: Global prescription drug sales growth slows
The Associated Press 2009 Oct 9

Abnormal practice of relationship between manufacturers of medicines and some part of medical community has become usual in Russia - Putin В России сложилась ненормальная практика взаимоотношений между производителями лекарств и частью врачебного сообщества - Путин
IFX-News 2009 Oct 9

Heisel W
Q&A with Thomas Sullivan: Medical education companies don't deserve media abuse
Reporting on Health: Antidote: New Ways to Investigate Untold Health Stories 2009 Oct 9

Heisel W
Q&A with Thomas Sullivan: Part 2: Medical education companies don't deserve media abuse
Reporting on Health: Antidote: New Ways to Investigate Untold Health Stories 2009 Oct 9

Okike K, Kocher MS, Wei EX, Mehlman CT, Bhandari M
Accuracy of Conflict-of-Interest Disclosures Reported by Physicians
NEJM 2009 Oct 8; 361:(15):1466-1474

Winstein KJ
Orthopedists Fail to Disclose Payments
The Wall Street Journal 2009 Oct 8

Edwards J
AstraZeneca's Fuzzy Seroquel Math: When 45% Gain Weight, It's 'Weight-Neutral'
BNet 2009 Oct 8

Svensson P
Next: the pill bottle cap with a cell phone
The Associated Press 2009 Oct 8

Crigger NJ
Just Say No
Physician Assistants 2009 Oct 8

Dizikes C
Franken bill would end company tax breaks for pharmaceutical marketing 2009 Oct 8

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Cases of wilful misrepresentation are a rarity in medical advertising. For every advertisement in which nonexistent doctors are called on to testify or deliberately irrelevant references are bunched up in [fine print], you will find a hundred or more whose greatest offenses are unquestioning enthusiasm and the skill to communicate it.

The best defence the physician can muster against this kind of advertising is a healthy skepticism and a willingness, not always apparent in the past, to do his homework. He must cultivate a flair for spotting the logical loophole, the invalid clinical trial, the unreliable or meaningless testimonial, the unneeded improvement and the unlikely claim. Above all, he must develop greater resistance to the lure of the fashionable and the new.
- Pierre R. Garai (advertising executive) 1963