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Healthy Skepticism Library item: 13900

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Publication type: Journal Article

Shankar PR.
Singapore Med J 2008 Apr; 49:(4):363-5


Dear Sir,
Pharmaceutical promotion is a fact of life for doctors and prescribers the world over. In the United States of America (USA), almost USD 21 billion was spent on promotion in 2002.(1) In many developing countries, medical representatives frequently serve as the only source of drug information.(1) In India, the huge number of products on the market makes selection of the right drug, and its correct use, increasingly difficult. Commercial drug information far outweighs independent and unbiased drug information.(2) In Nepal, many rural areas may lack access to medicines, but Kathmandu and other cities are booming markets for pharmaceuticals.(3) Aggressive promotion has a substantial impact on prescribing behaviour.(3) In Singapore, drug companies spend about $60 million a year-roughly 9% of sales-on promoting their products. As they are not allowed to advertise directly to consumers, they spend the money on educating doctors and providing free samples which are not meant for sale.(4)

Aggressive promotion has been shown to influence the prescribing behaviour of doctors…

Advertising as Topic* Drug Industry* Humans Internet Patient Education as Topic Physician's Practice Patterns*


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You are going to have many difficulties. The smokers will not like your message. The tobacco interests will be vigorously opposed. The media and the government will be loath to support these findings. But you have one factor in your favour. What you have going for you is that you are right.
- Evarts Graham
When truth is unwelcome: the first reports on smoking and lung cancer.