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Healthy Skepticism Library item: 12177

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Publication type: news

Carlat D.
From Embarrassment to Scandal: Lilly + APA + The Psychiatrist's Program + Lots and Lots of Money
The Carlat Psychiatry Blog 2007 Dec 11

Full text:

What began as an embarrassment of Eli Lilly, PV Updates, and PRMS is gradually becoming a full-fledged scandal. The Indianapolis Star picked up the story last weekend (read it here), and psychiatrist David Port, M.D. wrote me a letter alerting me to an expanding crisis of trust in psychiatry. Here is an excerpt:

“Whatever Lilly’s justification for sponsoring a course ostensibly to help the psychiatrist to better deal with professional liability risks, I am outraged that PRMS has accepted money from Lilly and has chosen to offer its authority and reputation toward this Lilly effort. PRMS is the American Psychiatric Association-endorsed entity which directs APA members to a selected malpractice insurance agency. PRMS is thus the agency many or most of us psychiatrists turn to for guidance and direction as to liability exposure and malpractice coverage. For PRMS to work for Eli Lilly is a glaring conflict of interest between their psychiatrist clients and a pharmaceutical corporation whose interests do not necessarily coincide with those of the psychiatrists with whom they have a professional relationship. This is analogous to the same law firm representing two individuals opposing one another in a law suit; in that situation we assume that there cannot be fair representation of either client, and we may imagine that the client with an attorney who has more clout in the law firm may well prevail in the action. How can we trust PRMS, or the APA for that matter, to provide us with the best liability support? David Port, M.D.”

Yes, it’s true. PRMS runs The Psychiatrist’s Program, a malpractice carrier that is officially endorsed by the APA.

I know, it can get very confusing. Let’s follow the money. Eli Lilly gives the APA at least $1.3 million in 2007 (so far) for industry-supported symposia and fellowships. Lilly then gives PRMS a bunch of money (Lilly refused to tell John Russell at the Indy Star how much) to produce a web-based slide show teaching psychiatrists how to prescribe potentially toxic medications like Zyprexa without being sued. The APA officially endorses PRMS’ psychiatry malpractice insurance for its members. Does APA receive any type of kickback for this endorsement? I assume that would be illegal, but who knows?

Look, I get as annoyed by conspiracy theorists as the next guy. But the web of money and influence here is so murky and repugnant that it leaves me wondering what’s going on. I officially invite both the APA and PRMS to respond. And I’d love another diplomatic letter from Eli Lilly!


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