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Favourite items of Peter Mansfield

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Smith R.
Curbing the Influence of the Drug Industry: A British View.
PLoS Med 2005 Aug 22:(9):e241

Adair RF, Holmgren LR.
Do drug samples influence resident prescribing behavior? A randomized trial.
Am J Med 2005 Aug118:(8):881-4

Zipkin DA, Steinman MA.
Interactions Between Pharmaceutical Representatives and Doctors in Training: A thematic review.
J Gen Intern Med 2005 Jun 1320:(8):777-86

Henry DA, Kerridge IH, Hill SR, McNeill PM, Doran E, Newby DA, Henderson KM, Maguire J, Stokes BJ, Macdonald GJ, Day RO.
Medical specialists and pharmaceutical industry-sponsored research: a survey of the Australian experience.
Med J Aust 2005 Jun 6182:(11):557-60

Brodkey AC.
The role of the pharmaceutical industry in teaching psychopharmacology: a growing problem.
Acad Psychiatry 2005 Sum29:(2):222-9

Freudenberg N.
Public health advocacy to change corporate practices: implications for health education practice and research.
Health Educ Behav 2005 Jun32:(3):298-319

Kravitz RL, Epstein RM, Feldman MD, Franz CE, Azari R, Wilkes MS, Hinton L, Franks P.
Influence of patients' requests for direct-to-consumer advertised antidepressants: a randomized controlled trial.
JAMA 2005 Apr 27293:(16):1995-2002

Kerridge I, Maguire J, Newby D, McNeill PM, Henry D, Hill S, Day R, Macdonald G, Stokes B, Henderson K.
Cooperative partnerships or conflict-of-interest? A national survey of interaction between the pharmaceutical industry and medical organizations.
Intern Med J 2005 Apr35:(4):206-10

Mansfield PR, Mintzes B, Richards D, Toop L.
Direct to consumer advertising.
BMJ 2005 Jan 1330:(7481):5-6

Mansfield P.
Accepting what we can learn from advertising's mirror of desire.
BMJ 2004 Dec 18329:(7480):1487-8

Scott T, Stanford N, Thompson DR.
Killing me softly: myth in pharmaceutical advertising.
BMJ 2004 Dec 18329:(7480):1484-7

Douglas KM, Sutton RM.
Right about others, wrong about ourselves? Actual and perceived self-other differences in resistance to persuasion
Br J Soc Psychol 2004 Dec43:(Pt 4):585-603

Mansfield PR, Henry D.
Misleading drug promotion--no sign of improvements.
Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf 2004 Nov13:(11):797-9

Sweet M.
Doctors and drug companies are locked in 'vicious circle'.
BMJ 2004 Oct 30329:(7473):998

Watkins RS, Kimberly J Jr.
What residents don't know about physician-pharmaceutical industry interactions.
Acad Med 2004 May79:(5):432-7

Whittington CJ, Kendall T, Fonagy P, Cottrell D, Cotgrove A, Boddington E.
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in childhood depression: systematic review of published versus unpublished data.
Lancet 2004 Apr 24363:(9418):1341-5

Rogers WA, Mansfield PR, Braunack-Mayer AJ, Jureidini JN.
The ethics of pharmaceutical industry relationships with medical students.
Med J Aust 2004 Apr 19180:(8):411-4

Breen KJ.
The medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry: when will we open our eyes?
Med J Aust 2004 Apr 19180:(8):409-10

Jureidini JN, Doecke CJ, Mansfield PR, Haby MM, Menkes DB, Tonkin AL.
Efficacy and safety of antidepressants for children and adolescents.
BMJ 2004 Apr 10328:(7444):879-83

Schafer A.
Biomedical conflicts of interest: a defence of the sequestration thesis-learning from the cases of Nancy Olivieri and David Healy.
J Med Ethics 2004 Feb30:(1):8-24

Woloshin S, Schwartz LM, Welch HG.
The value of benefit data in direct-to-consumer drug ads.
Health Aff (Millwood) 2004 Jan-JunSuppl Web Exclusives:W4-234-45

Svensson S, Mansfield PR.
Escitalopram: superior to citalopram or a chiral chimera?
Psychother Psychosom 2004 Jan-Feb73:(1):10-6

Mansfield PR.
Healthy Skepticism's new AdWatch: understanding drug promotion.
Med J Aust 2003 Dec 1-15179:(11-12):644-5

Katz D, Mansfield P, Goodman R, Tiefer L, Merz J.
Psychological aspects of gifts from drug companies.
JAMA 2003 Nov 12290:(18):2404-5

Dana J, Loewenstein G.
A social science perspective on gifts to physicians from industry.
JAMA 2003 Jul 9290:(2):252-5

Mansfield PR.
Bribes for doctors: a gift for bioethicists?
Am J Bioeth 2003 Summer3:(3):47-8

Cassels A, Hughes MA, Cole C, Mintzes B, Lexchin J, McCormack JP.
Drugs in the news: an analysis of Canadian newspaper coverage of new prescription drugs.
CMAJ 2003 Apr 29168:(9):1133-7

Cooper RJ, Schriger DL, Wallace RC, Mikulich VJ, Wilkes MS.
The quantity and quality of scientific graphs in pharmaceutical advertisements.
J Gen Intern Med 2003 Apr18:(4):294-7

Prosser H, Almond S, Walley T.
Influences on GPs' decision to prescribe new drugs-the importance of who says what.
Fam Pract 2003 Feb20:(1):61-8

Villanueva P, Peiro S, Librero J, Pereiro I.
Accuracy of pharmaceutical advertisements in medical journals.
Lancet 2003 Jan 4361:(9351):27-32

Katz D, Caplan AL, Merz JF.
All gifts large and small: toward an understanding of the ethics of pharmaceutical industry gift-giving.
Am J Bioeth 20033:(3):39-46

Braithwaite J.
Restorative Justice and Responsive Regulation
Oxford: Oxford University Press 2002

Brotons C, Moral I, Ribera A, Cascant P, Iglesias M, Permanyer-Miralda G, Ferreira Gonzalez I, Soler-Soler J.
[Methods of reporting research-results and their influence on decision-making by cardiologists prescribing drugs for primary and secondary prevention.]
Rev Esp Cardiol 2002 Oct55:(10):1042-51

Loke TW, Koh FC, Ward JE.
Pharmaceutical advertisement claims in Australian medical publications.
Med J Aust 2002 Sep 16177:(6):291-3

Sagarin BJ, Cialdini RB, Rice WE, Serna SB.
Dispelling the illusion of invulnerability: the motivations and mechanisms of resistance to persuasion.
J Pers Soc Psychol 2002 Sep83:(3):526-41

Hall KH.
Reviewing intuitive decision-making and uncertainty: the implications for medical education.
Med Educ 2002 Mar36:(3):216-24

Mintzes B, Barer ML, Kravitz RL, Kazanjian A, Bassett K, Lexchin J, et al.
Influence of direct to consumer pharmaceutical advertising and patients' requests on prescribing decisions: two site cross sectional survey
BMJ 2002324:278-279

Choudhry NK, Stelfox HT, Detsky AS
Relationships between authors of clinical practice guidelines and the pharmaceutical industry
JAMA 2002287:612-617

Wilkes MS, Hoffman JR.
An innovative approach to educating medical students about pharmaceutical promotion.
Acad Med 2001 Dec76:(12):1271-1277

Sackett DL.
Why randomized controlled trials fail but needn't: 2 Failure to employ physiological statistics, or the only formula a clinician-trialist is ever likely to need (or understand!).
CMAJ 2001 Oct 30165:(9):1226-37

McCormick BB, Tomlinson G, Brill-Edwards P, Detsky AS.
Effect of restricting contact between pharmaceutical company representatives and internal medicine residents on posttraining attitudes and behavior.
JAMA 2001 Oct 24-31286:(16):1994-9

Jones MI, Greenfield SM, Bradley CP.
Prescribing new drugs: qualitative study of influences on consultants and general practitioners
BMJ 2001323:378-384

Woloshin S, Schwartz LM, Tremmel J, Welch HG
Direct-to-consumer advertisements for prescription drugs: what are Americans being sold?
Lancet 2001358:1141-1146

Ainslie G.
Breakdown of Will
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2001

Norman GR.
The epistemology of clinical reasoning: perspectives from philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience.
Acad Med 2000 Oct75:(10):

Moynihan R, Bero L, Ross-Degnan D, Henry D, Lee K, Watkins J, Mah C, Soumerai SB.
Coverage by the news media of the benefits and risks of medications.
N Engl J Med 2000 Jun 1342:(22):1645-50

Cialdini RB.
Influence: Science and Practice 4th Edn
New York: Allyn & Bacon 2000,1144,0321011473,00.html

Braithwaite J, Drahos P.
Global business regulation.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2000

Sutherland M, Sylvester AK.
Advertising and the Mind of the Consumer 2nd Ed: What works, what doesn't, and why.
Sydney: Allen & Unwin 2000

Elstein AS.
Heuristics and biases: selected errors in clinical reasoning.
Acad Med 1999 Jul74:(7):791-4

Kamat VR, Nichter M.
Pharmacies, self-medication and pharmaceutical marketing in Bombay, India.
Soc Sci Med 1998 Sep47:(6):779-94

Roughead EE, Harvey KJ, Gilbert AL.
Commercial detailing techniques used by pharmaceutical representatives to influence prescribing.
Aust N Z J Med 1998 Jun28:(3):306-10

Stelfox HT, Chua G, O'Rourke K, Detsky AS.
Conflict of interest in the debate over calcium-channel antagonists.
N Engl J Med 1998 Jan 8338:(2):101-6

Roughead EE, Gilbert AL, Harvey KJ.
Self-regulatory codes of conduct: are they effective in controlling pharmaceutical representatives' presentations to general medical practitioners?
Int J Health Serv 199828:(2):269-79

Lexchin J.
What information do physicians receive from pharmaceutical representatives?
Can Fam Physician 1997 May43:941-5

Stryer D, Bero LA.
Characteristics of materials distributed by drug companies. An evaluation of appropriateness.
J Gen Intern Med 1996 Oct11:(10):575-83

Wolfe S.
Drug advertisements that go straight to the hippocampus.
Lancet 1996 Sep 7348:(9028):632

Estes R.
Tyrany of the bottom line: Why corporations make good people do bad things.
San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler 1996

Barlow J, Møller C.
A complaint is a gift. Using customer feedback as a strategic tool.
San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler 1996

Ziegler MG, Lew P, Singer BC.
The accuracy of drug information from pharmaceutical sales representatives.
JAMA 1995 Apr 26273:(16):1296-8

Lexchin J.
Deception by design: Pharmaceutical promotion in the Third World
Penang: Consumers International 1995

Bardelay D, Bécel B.
Visits from medical representatives: fine principles, poor practice
Prescrire International 19954:(18):120-122

Ogilvy D.
Ogilvy on advertising.
London: Prion 1995

Branthwaite A, Downing T.
Marketing to doctors - the human factor.
Scrip Magazine 199532-5

Shaughnessy AF, Slawson DC, Bennett JH.
Separating the wheat from the chaff: identifying fallacies in pharmaceutical promotion.
J Gen Intern Med 1994 Oct9:(10):563-8

Scott DK, Ferner RE.
'The strategy of desire' and rational prescribing.
Br J Clin Pharmacol 1994 Mar37:(3):217-9

Ayres I, Braithwaite J.
Responsive regulation: Transcending the deregulation debate.
Oxford: Oxford University Press 1992

Goleman D.
Vital lies, simple truths: The psychology of self-deception.
London: Bloomsbury 1985

Avorn J, Chen M, Hartley R.
Scientific versus commercial sources of influence on the prescribing behavior of physicians.
Am J Med 1982 Jul73:(1):4-8

Kahneman D, Slovic P, Tversky A.
Judgment under uncertainty: heuristics and biases.
New York: Cambridge University Press 1982

Fischer DH.
Historian's Fallacies: Toward a logic of historical thought.
New York: Harper Torchbooks 1970

Hamblin CL.
London: Methuen 1970

Talalay P, Editor.
Drugs in Our Society.
Baltimore: John Hopkins Press 1964

Hopkins CC.
My Life in Advertising.
Chicago: 1996 reprint by NTC Business Books 1927

Hopkins CC.
Scientific advertising.
Chicago: 1996 reprint by NTC Business Books 1923

Locke J.
An essay concerning human understanding

Date uncertain 350 350 BCE

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