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Items about drug promotion published in the WHO Essential Drugs Monitor

2002 Issue 31

Mintzes B. Women and drug promotion: "the essence of womanhood is now in tablet form”. Essent Drugs Monit 2002;(31):12-13
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Europe: call to leave current advertising regulations intact. Essent Drugs Monit 2002;(31):14-15
first page | second page

New report on French sales representatives’ visits. Essent Drugs Monit 2002;(31):15
on bottom left of page

FDA reviews its direct-to-consumer advertising policy. Essent Drugs Monit 2002;(31):15
on bottom right of page

Wilkes M, Hoffman J. An innovative approach to educating medical students about pharmaceutical promotion. Essent Drugs Monit 2002;(31):16-17
first page | second page

New WHO/NGO database on drug promotion launched. Essent Drugs Monit 2002;(31):18-19
first page | second page

Mintzes B. Direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising: is there evidence of health benefits? Essent Drugs Monit 2002;(31):19-20
first page | second page

Roughead LE. The Australian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association Code of Conduct: guiding the promotion of prescription medicines. Essent Drugs Monit 2002;(31):20-21
first page | second page

Gopalakrishnan S, Murali R. India: campaign to tackle unethical promotion. Essent Drugs Monit 2002;(31):22
top of page

Doctors and drug companies: analysing a complex relationship. Essent Drugs Monit 2002;(31):22
bottom of page

1997 Issue 24

Mansfield P, Lexchin J. MaLAM: networking for scientific integrity in drug promotion. Essent Drugs Monit 1997;(24):5
one page

1994 Issue 17 Theme Issue about Drug Promotion

Editorial. Promoting drugs ethically. Drugs Monit 1994;(17):1
one page

Mansfield P. MaLAM: Encouraging trustworthy drug promotion. Drugs Monit 1994;(17):6
first page | second page

CIOMS/WHO meeting on Ethical Criteria for Medicinal Drug Promotion. Drugs Monit 1994;(17):18
one page

OTA study reports on drug promotion in developing countries. Drugs Monit 1994;(17):19
top of page

Chirac P, Pikon A, Poinsignon Y, Vitry A. Drug marketing in French-speaking African countries. Drugs Monit 1994;(17):20-21
first page | second page

Bardelay D. French doctors report on sales representatives' visits. Drugs Monit 1994;(17):21
one page

Loes van Staa A. A mutual bond: pharmaceutical representatives and doctors in the Philippines. Drugs Monit 1994;(17):22-23
first page | second page on bottom of page

Harvey K, Black F. Prescribing rationally not fashionably. Drugs Monit 1994;(17):23
top of page

Editor's Note. Drugs Monit 1994;(17):24
left of page

McArtney R. Hitch-hikers guide to promotional drug literature. Drugs Monit 1994;(17):24
right of page


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