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Items published during the years 1990 to 1999

There are 2362 items in the Healthy Skepticism Library that were published during the years 1990 to 1999.

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Black F.
Teaching rational prescribing.
Aust Fam Physician 1996; 25:(7):1097-9

Bhatt AD.
Drug promotion and doctor: a relationship under change?
J Postgrad Med 1993; 39:(3):120-3

Bero LA, Grilli R, Grimshaw JM, Harvey E, Oxman AD, Thomson MA
Closing the gap between research and practice: an overview of systematic reviews of interventions to promote the implementation of research findings. The Cochrane Effective Practice and Organization of Care Review Group.
BMJ 1998 15; 317:

Bergus GR, Chapman GB, Levy BT, Ely JW, Oppliger RA.
Clinical diagnosis and the order of information.
Med Decis Making 1998; 18:(4):412-7

Bergus GR, Chapman GB, Gjerde C, Elstein AS.
Clinical reasoning about new symptoms despite preexisting disease: sources of error and order effects.
Fam Med 1995; 27:(5):314-20

Beerworth EE, Tiller JW.
Liability in prescribing choice: the example of the antidepressants.
Aust N Z J Psychiatry 1998; 32:(4):560-6

Quality standards for health information on the Internet
SIM Quarterly 1997 Dec

Levin AA
HealthFacts 1994 Oct

[No authors listed].
European drug regulation--anti-protectionism or consumer protection?
Lancet 1991 29; 337:(8757):1571-2

Dickinson HD.
Evidence-based decision-making: an argumentative approach.
Int J Med Inform 1998; 51:(2-3):71-81

Rudick DH.
The ungifted physician.
JAMA 1998 23-30; 280:(12):1052

Ottati VC, Isbell LM.
Effects of mood during exposure to target information on subsequently reported judgments: an on-line model of misattribution and correction.
J Pers Soc Psychol 1996; 71:(1):39-53

Menkes DB.
Exporting hazards to developing countries.
World Health Forum 1998; 19:(4):412-6

Lilford RJ, Pauker SG, Braunholtz DA, Chard J.
Decision analysis and the implementation of research findings.
BMJ 1998 8; 317:(7155):405-9

Lexchin J.
Inappropriate prescribing: how much are patients at fault?
Can Fam Physician 1996; 42:1903-4:

Kruglanski AW, Webster DM, Klem A.
Motivated resistance and openness to persuasion in the presence or absence of prior information.
J Pers Soc Psychol 1993; 65:(5):861-76

Hausman CL, Weiss JC, Lawrence JS, Zeleznik C.
Confidence weighted answer technique in a group of pediatric residents.
Med Teach 1990; 12:(2):163-8

Hammond JS, Keeney RL, Raiffa H.
The hidden traps in decision making.
Clin Lab Manage Rev 1999; 13:(1):39-47

Epstein S.
Integration of the cognitive and the psychodynamic unconscious.
Am Psychol 1994; 49:(8):709-24

Gruppen LD, Margolin J, Wisdom K, Grum CM.
Outcome bias and cognitive dissonance in evaluating treatment decisions.
Acad Med 1994; 69:(10):

Gaither CA, Bagozzi RP, Ascione FJ, Kirking DM.
The determinants of physician attitudes and subjective norms toward drug information sources: modification and test of the theory of reasoned action.
Pharm Res 1997; 14:(10):1298-308

Friedler E.
The evolving doctor-patient to provider-consumer relationship.
J Fam Pract 1997; 45:(6):485

Freemantle N
Are decisions taken by health care professionals rational? A non systematic review of experimental and quasi experimental literature.
Health Policy 1996; 38:(2):71-81

Freemantle N, Bloor K
Lessons from international experience in controlling pharmaceutical expenditure. I: Influencing patients.
BMJ 1996 8; 312:(7044):1469-71

Forrow L, Taylor WC, Arnold RM.
Absolutely relative: how research results are summarized can affect treatment decisions.
Am J Med 1992; 92:(2):121-4

Fischhoff B, Bostrom A, Quadrel MJ.
Risk perception and communication.
Annu Rev Public Health 1993; 14:183-203:

Feinstein AR.
'Clinical Judgment' revisited: the distraction of quantitative models.
Ann Intern Med 1994 1; 120:(9):799-805

Ebell MH, Barry HC, Slawson DC, Shaughnessy AF.
Finding POEMs in the medical literature.
J Fam Pract 1999; 48:(5):350-5

Dowie J.
The research-practice gap and the role of decision analysis in closing it.
Health Care Anal 1996; 4:(1):5-18

Rucker TD, Schiff G.
Drug formularies: myths-in-formation.
Med Care 1990; 28:(10):928-42

Denig P, Haaijer-Ruskamp FM, Wesseling H, Versluis A.
Drug expectations and drug choices of hospital physicians.
J Intern Med 1993; 234:(2):155-63

Davidoff F.
Evangelists and snails redux: the case of cholesterol screening.
Ann Intern Med 1996 1; 124:(5):513-4

Cialdella P, Figon G, Haugh MC, Boissel JP.
Prescription intentions in relation to therapeutic information: a study of 117 French general practitioners.
Soc Sci Med 1991; 33:(11):1263-74

Christensen C, Heckerling PS, Mackesy ME, Bernstein LM, Elstein AS.
Framing bias among expert and novice physicians.
Acad Med 1991; 66:(9):;jsessionid=Q6QGdL88GGQNwN2c2Vndg7MfmnlGJxCHrHhZGHD2gJ6rdQGsJj1Q!755119086!181195629!8091!-1?issn=1040-2446&volume=66&issue=9&spage=S76

Chinburapa V, Larson LN, Brucks M, Draugalis J, Bootman JL, Puto CP.
Physician prescribing decisions: the effects of situational involvement and task complexity on information acquisition and decision making.
Soc Sci Med 1993; 36:(11):1473-82

Cabana MD, Rand CS, Powe NR, Wu AW, Wilson MH, Abboud PA, Rubin HR
Why don't physicians follow clinical practice guidelines? A framework for improvement.
JAMA 1999 20; 282:(15):1458

Bobbio M, Demichelis B, Giustetto G.
Completeness of reporting trial results: effect on physicians' willingness to prescribe.
Lancet 1994 14; 343:(8907):1209-11

Pippalla RS, Riley DA, Chinburapa V.
Influencing the prescribing behaviour of physicians: a metaevaluation.
J Clin Pharm Ther 1995; 20:(4):189-98

Prochaska JO, Velicer WF.
The transtheoretical model of health behavior change.
Am J Health Promot 1997; 12:(1):38-48

Rafferty T, Wilson-Davis K, McGavock H
How has fundholding in Northern Ireland affected prescribing patterns? A longitudinal study.
BMJ 1997 19; 315:166-170

Raisch DW
A model of methods for influencing prescribing: Part II. A review of educational methods, theories of human inference, and delineation of the model.
DICP 1990; 24:(5):537-42

Salunke AZ.
New inconvenient trend in advertising medicine.
J Indian Med Assoc 1994; 92:(11):381

Sansom L.
The Australian National Medicinal Drug Policy.
J Qual Clin Pract 1999; 19:(1):31-5;jsessionid=909680F0625E39ACB59C175C8B622321.d02t01

Schmidt HG, Norman GR, Boshuizen HP.
A cognitive perspective on medical expertise: theory and implication.
Acad Med 1990; 65:(10):611-21;jsessionid=Q20ZpzJhktQPhgT1zJYgbyXTg90kPXkLl1s4J8xWn8lFZBjZVjf2!755119086!181195629!8091!-1?issn=1040-2446&volume=65&issue=10&spage=611

Shaughnessy AF, D'Amico F.
Long-term experience with a program to improve prescription-writing skills.
Fam Med 1994; 26:(3):168-71

Siegel D, Lopez J
Trends in antihypertensive drug use in the United States: do the JNC V recommendations affect prescribing?
Fifth Joint National Commission on the Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure. 1997 3; 278:(21):1745

Smith R.
What clinical information do doctors need?
BMJ 1996 26; 313:(7064):1062-8

Thomson AN, Barham PM.
The effect of a warning about putative adverse events on drug prescribing in general practice.
Soc Sci Med 1993; 37:(7):883-6

Walzak D, Swindells S, Bhardwaj A.
Primary care physicians and the cost of drugs: a study of prescribing practices based on recognition and information sources.
J Clin Pharmacol 1994; 34:(12):1159-63

Ward JE, Grieco V.
Why we need guidelines for guidelines: a study of the quality of clinical practice guidelines in Australia.
Med J Aust 1996 18; 165:(10):574-6

Webster DM, Kruglanski AW.
Individual differences in need for cognitive closure.
J Pers Soc Psychol 1994; 67:(6):1049-62

Verhoeven AA, Boerma EJ, Meyboom-de Jong B.
Use of information sources by family physicians: a literature survey.
Bull Med Libr Assoc 1995; 83:(1):85-90

Bless H, Mackie DM, Schwarz N.
Mood effects on attitude judgments: independent effects of mood before and after message elaboration.
J Pers Soc Psychol 1992; 63:(4):585-95

Hojat M, Nasca TJ, Magee M, Feeney K, Pascual R, Urbano F, Gonnella JS.
A comparison of the personality profiles of internal medicine residents, physician role models, and the general population.
Acad Med 1999; 74:(12):1327-33;jsessionid=QDNTMJWKyx3TPfx5D1X9cpM32v1qnyZqp7KMjx7Z0q0GnHKngDVK!-813051947!181195628!8091!-1?issn=1040-2446&volume=74&issue=12&spage=1327

Forgas JP.
On feeling good and getting your way: mood effects on negotiator cognition and bargaining strategies.
J Pers Soc Psychol 1998; 74:(3):565-77

Fiske AP.
The four elementary forms of sociality: framework for a unified theory of social relations.
Psychol Rev 1992; 99:(4):689-723

Fiedler K, Armbruster T, Nickel S, Walther E, Asbeck J.
Constructive biases in social judgment: experiments on the self-verification of question contents.
J Pers Soc Psychol 1996; 71:(5):861-73

Griffin JP.
Original manufacturers' packs and patient information leaflets--a patient's protection and right to know.
J R Coll Physicians Lond 1991; 25:(3):223-4

Evans JT, Nadjari HI, Burchell SA
Quotational and reference accuracy in surgical journals. A continuing peer review problem.
JAMA 1990 9; 263:(10):1353

Bero LA, Galbraith A, Rennie D.
The publication of sponsored symposiums in medical journals.
N Engl J Med 1992 15; 327:(16):1135-40

Corporate religions and the new order - some advice to consultants
Scrip 1996 Mar12-13

Lexchin J.
Prescribing and drug costs in the province of Ontario.
Int J Health Serv 1992; 22:(3):471-87

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