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Call for abstracts: Pharmaceutical Policy Analysis, Utrecht, The Netherlands 6-7 January 2011

Utrecht WHO Winter Meeting, January 2011
Invitation and call for abstracts
The WHO Collaborating Centre for Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmaceutical Policy Analysis (head: Prof. Dr. Bert Leufkens) in collaboration with Dr. Richard Laing (Department of Essential Medicines and Pharmaceutical Policies, WHO) will organise again a [northern hemisphere] Winter Meeting for researchers in the field of pharmaceutical policy analysis.


The central theme of the first meeting day is “Policy challenges in benefit-risk assessment”. Worldwide, safety decisions are taken based on established benefits and risks of medicines. However, policy implications of decisions, e.g. in pharmacovigilance, may vary across different countries or regions of the world as a result of differences in local needs, local absence of alternatives and many other reasons. This is just one of the hot topics in pharmaceutical regulation in general and pharmacovigilance in particular, where policy decisions may vary according to different circumstances. Invited speakers will present studies, experiences and views on these and other policy challenges that are faced by decision-makers, industry, health care professionals and academia. Lessons learned from case examples will be discussed by an expert panel.

On the second day, submitted abstracts will be presented and discussed in the morning (oral presentations) and during lunch (poster presentations). Abstracts are not limited to the central theme of the first day; all research in the field of pharmaceutical policy analysis is eligible for submission. The focus of the sessions will be on methods used or proposed.

For more information go to: and click on News / Upcoming events.

For questions or to submit an abstract, please contact the organisers directly:  Niesanne ten Cate (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) and Aukje Mantel (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)).


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There is no sin in being wrong. The sin is in our unwillingness to examine our own beliefs, and in believing that our authorities cannot be wrong. Far from creating cynics, such a story is likely to foster a healthy and creative skepticism, which is something quite different from cynicism.”
- Neil Postman in The End of Education