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Feedback Policy

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Our Feedback Policy
We appreciate all feedback including suggestions, comments and complaints regardless of whether we agree or not. Our reasons for doing so are set out in the book: A complaint is a gift. Unfortunately we have limited resources so even if we agree with a suggestion we may not be able to implement it. We will try to respond to all feedback within one month.

A complaint is a gift
Barlow J, Møller C. A complaint is a gift. Using customer feedback as a strategic tool. Berrett-Koehler Publishers. San Francisco 1996
The introduction to the first part of the book is as follows:

“When customers feel dissatisfied with products and services, they have two options: they can say something or they can walk away. If they walk away, they give organizations virtually no opportunity to fix their dissatisfaction. Complaining customers are still talking with us, giving us an opportunity to return them to a state of satisfaction so they will be more likely to buy from us again. So as much as we might not like to receive negative feedback, customers who complain are giving us a gift.

If we shift our perspective in this way to see complaints as gifts, we can more readily use the information the complaints generate to grow our own businesses. Customer complaints are one of the most available and yet underutilized sources of consumer and market information; as such, they can become the foundation for a company’s quality and service recovery programs. This is no small gift!

In order to better understand complaining customers, Part 1 of this book examines the behavior and desires of dissatisfied customers. With understanding comes acceptance. We must welcome these complaining customers and make them want to come to us with their feedback.”



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What these howls of outrage and hurt amount to is that the medical profession is distressed to find its high opinion of itself not shared by writers of [prescription] drug advertising. It would be a great step forward if doctors stopped bemoaning this attack on their professional maturity and began recognizing how thoroughly justified it is.
- Pierre R. Garai (advertising executive) 1963